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“The worst book 2018” appeared in the sale!

The yard is still 2017, but there is good news from 2018. And in his bag they brought Santa Claus is a bloody rotten and evil Santa Claus! Because it is not a merry man with corporate events, and character adorning the cover of the major horror anthologies of the country.

“The worst book 2018” went on sale. Witnesses saw her in Moscow shops, in addition, you can make an order at several Internet sites. Point of sales quickly tracked and on the official website of the series SSK updated list of places where you can get hold of the coveted volume. Circulation, by the way, amounted to 3000 copies – keep in mind, these books are in the warehouses is usually not delayed.

Publishing abstract:

“Ecopath”, as they say on the Internet. This is the fifth anniversary of the annual anthology of the best new stories in the genre of horror, mystery and Thriller. The book miss that you are not eligible.
It’s nineteen – “magic” number of Stephen king — nineteen stories which give you goose bumps.
It is one hundred – one hundred percent of the horrors and nightmares of the past, present, future, among which surely there is and your personal nightmare.
That’s three. And it is thousands. Three words that became the password to the world of the supernatural for thousands and thousands of readers. We opened the portal to the dark dimension. Will you dare to look here?..

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About the content we talked separately, led even some exclusive comments from the authors and editor Irina yepifanova. Not to the superfluous will remind that the organizer of this project is none other than the editor-in-chief of the Zone Horror darklot, in the literary world known under the name Parfenov M. S.

After hard reading selection in the anthology includes the following stories:

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Grand Guignol (Anatoly Umansky)
Yu (Olga Reyn)
The star ocean (Alex sparks)
Tremor (Dmitry Kostyukevich)
The hangman and the witch (Bogdan Gontar)
Permafrost (Yury Lanthanum)
Lazarus (Alan KranK)
Big and small (Larisa city)
Menagerie (Xenia Korznikova)
Next to you (Ivan Belov)
Bell (Woe be unto this house) (Vladimir Kuznetsov)
Dad will come (Alexander Matyukhin)
YAG mort (Cyril Maleev)
Great game (Vadim Gromov)
The ship is alive (Dmitri Tikhonov)
The law of equivalent exchange (Oksana Vetrovska)
The girl and the island (Olga Reyn)
The voice pipes (Alexander Matyuhin Aleksandr Podolskiy)
Sin (Maxim.)

In the book “dark” genre are quite diverse: here you and thrillers, mystery, historical horror, and Lovecraftian, and Noir. Everyone should find something to taste. Quality, too, held high the previous yearbooks of the strap is resisted.

In General, it is necessary to take!

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