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“The worst book 2018”: a view of one of the authors

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As you know, the anthology “the Most terrible book 2018” recently appeared in the sale. The series SSK Area of Horror followed, not out of idle curiosity: editor-in-chief Parfenov M. S. directly involved in it, being the organizer of the project and compiled individual collections. Plus, among the inhabitants of the memories are not only readers of SSK, but the authors and artists whose names can be found on the pages of these books. And logo it flaunts an ulterior motive.

The new Yearbook is the fifth in a row, it is possible to tell, anniversary. He is just spreading across the bookstores of the country, but someone already had time to read. For example, the author of these lines, and in combination, and one of the authors of the anthology. I mean I, Alexander Podolsky.

The owner came our with the Matiukhin story “Voice pipes”, and I for obvious reasons will not evaluate. But the rest – why not? In the end, every writer sits to the ordinary reader.

So, the review includes all the stories of the anthology (except those mentioned). The text was too much, so it is divided into pieces – each piece got a separate page. Stories in the review are located in the same order as in the book.


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