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The workers told how to recognize a recruiter fraud

Заробитчанам подсказали, как распознать рекрутера-мошенникаCompare with the information in the license and the contract, and compare the wages of the local population were promised to you.

Not to get hooked on unscrupulous intermediary compare with the information in the license and the contract, compare the salary of the local population with promised for you, and don’t settle for a tourist visa.

Apply for the visa in one country and find a job in the neighboring

Kwork.ru - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In some EU countries the employment visas are made easier and faster, in other — longer and heavier. Wanting to save time and money, our citizens agree to such a scheme: it opens a shell firm work visa in one country, for example Poland, but, as there transits through the Czech Republic, zarobitchanin in the Czech Republic is to work.

This scheme was effective before the recent terrorist attacks in Europe. Now all bus patrols are on duty border guards, who have all foreigners to check documents and not allow the emergence of illegal immigrants. Therefore, paying for such a scheme, you will not only lose money but earn deportation with a ban on entry into EU countries for a period of six months to five years.

I propose to apply for a tourist, not a working visa

Wanting to rush off to work, many people succumb to the temptation to go abroad on a tourist visa (these documents faster and cheaper). The mediator, in turn, promised that after the probation period, the employer will revise turvisa on working. But know that a work visa is issued only on the basis of a call for a job in the Embassy of the country where going to go the wage-worker.

Working on a tourist visa, the person becomes an illegal alien and the employer, hiring such people, do not pay taxes and otherwise infringes on the rights of workers: can underpay or increase the amount of work, knowing that to prove this fact would be impossible, — the interests of illegal immigrants is hard to defend.

Promised a salary higher than the national average for their citizens

Promising workers a salary more than they receive for similar work by local residents, the intermediary deliberately deceiving the client. To understand the reality of the ad and not expect mountains of gold, promonitorte themselves market salaries in the country (this can be done on sites on job search of the country where you intend to go). If indigenous people are paid one salary, and you promise the same work for several hundred Euro more, it is a clear sign of fraud. The signing of the contract with the mediator is fraught with two options for further developments. First — after a month, you will not get the promised money in full. Second — for the promised amount you will have to work over the rules and your job responsibilities will increase significantly compared with those to which you agreed.

The cost of services for job search is significantly below the market

To calculate one-day firms easily at low cost. For example, the prices of legal firms on employment on average, these: in Poland, 250 € in the Czech Republic and Hungary — 300-400 Euro, Germany, France or England — 500-1000 euros. Scammers also set the price 100-200 Euro lower.

But even if the cost of services coincides with the average, reinsurance and instead of paying for services in cash transfer money to the account. So you will have on hand a Bank statement that payment was made. In the case if an unscrupulous realtor will violate some clauses or even disappear after receiving the money, with that cheque you can apply to the court to return the stolen amount.
Different address in the license and contract

Address of firm-the intermediary should match the license issued by the Ministry of social policy and in the contract that you sign. Scammers often register their company under the same name, and legal firms, but similar’. For example, the license issued to the firm in Cherkassy, and the fake firm registered at the same address, but in Chernigov.

There is another way to check the company to find it in the licensed list on the website of the Ministry of social policy. Today there are 1114 companies having the right to officially employ Ukrainians abroad. If your reseller is not listed, please disregard his help, because chances are that you will remain without work and without money.

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