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The White house knows the value of domains

Хозяин Белого дома знает цену доменамBlast zone today become an essential part of our society, tied to the Internet. Increasingly the word “domain” appears in the same sentence with known people in the world. For example, recently it became known that the administrators of the assets belonging to the President of the United States Donald Trump, to extend the validity period of all purchased domains. Including those who have direct connection with Russia. We are talking about and Most domains that are interested in American politics and billionaire, was registered in the international domain zone .com.

On the preservation of the legal rights to “Russian” domains with the President of the United States reports Politico. According to the journalists, the maintenance of rights over these domain names rather hides not political, and business implications. Because these domains are a potential platform for the implementation in Russia of a number of business projects in the future.

In addition to the “Russian” domains, the family of the American President owns several other domain names. Moreover, their validity expired in the early and mid-summer, and the re-registration was held recently.

A number of domains, whose term has been extended, applied to diverse areas of interest and business. For example, the billionaire has retained its legal rights to names that had a relationship not only with the policy (for example,, but the gaming industry (poker).

In a business environment this approach is the norm, because who knows which way the wind will blow benefits, and which domain will need in a very short time. That has to hold in reserve the names of whose utility may be dictated by the new realities of the market.

Only Donald trump has acquired 3 643 domain names that have at least some relevance to his name. Moreover, the attention was paid to dissonant names (for example,, etc.). Is the number of domains fully cover the needs of a billionaire in the field of image, politics and business.

Interestingly, before the election, trump was the owner of 3 550 domain names, and after the launch of his campaign policies purchased another 93 name. Interestingly, domain was bought for a pittance after the expiry of the registration which was not renewed by the Mexican cybersquatter named Louis George o’brien Covarrubias. The guy was a civil engineer, bought this domain in 2015 for $ 10, hoping to capitalize on its sale. However, not renewing the registration, he missed his chance, because Trump took his domain in 2016.

The first purchase of domain names the billionaire sat down to take in the distant 90-ies. Moreover, buying a politician is not only the domains that are important for his business, but also those that can stop him (for example, or

In the end it is worth noting that prior to inauguration and become President of the United States, Donald trump gave your business in a special trust Trump Organization. It’s run, not difficult to guess, his sons. The billionaire remained the sole beneficiary of the trust. This means that a politician from the operation of the trust receives financial benefit. He also retained the right to return itself control over the business through the option of the opinion of trust management.

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