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The walking dead: the ratings of the show continue to find the bottom

That once superpopular series “the Walking dead” (The Walking Dead) is losing ground that has been said and written long ago. For example, we were not so ardent fans, but people interested in have begun to sound the alarm a year ago.

Since the show, and around it was different and not always good. Threats from crazy fans of some of the actors had to “Vyritsa” from social networks. On the set of the new season killed the stuntman. The producers of the show decided to sue the company AMC. As a result of all this – but most importantly, as a result, the General art direction of the project in recent years, a new season started with the worst ratings in five years.

The first series of the new season was watched by 11.4 million people, and it really was the worst performance for the premiere episode of the show over the past five years.

What’s worse, the ratings of “the Walking…” and then continue to fall. The next episode, “The Big Scary U”, looked only to 7.85 million viewers – the lowest for the show since 2011!

It, for a moment, is that ratings equal to the ratings of the SECOND season – but the project was still gaining popularity.

No, of course, the creators of many other TV shows would give a hand (or even both) in order to achieve the same results. “Walking…” are the top TV show, no questions asked. But still the fact that from year to year ratings of public interest in the project reduced, can not disturb.

It’s funny, incidentally, that the aforementioned episode, “The Big Scary U”, for reviews from critics and audiences, was one of the most successful in recent times. Strange that the previous series many praised but ratings is not affected.

However, what is happening already found the explanation, or rather something similar to it. Critics point out that “the Walking dead” has become a show, the audience which understands that all “most-most” the creators are saving for season finale – and the beginning of the next. And those series that between the beginning and the ending… can be skipped, as it is unlikely that these episodes with the characters, there will be something important.

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