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The unrest in Minnesota. Why trump sent troops

Беспорядки в Миннесоте. Почему Трамп ввел войска

After the murder of a black policeman in the Minneapolis protests erupted. The police tried hard to suppress them with gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets, but the protests soon turned into riots and looting.

The President of the United States Donald trump sent more than 500 soldiers of the national guard in Minneapolis, who declared a state of emergency in connection with the riots after the death of an African American during the arrest by the police. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Protests after the death of African American

In Minneapolis, the largest city of Minnesota, the continuing unrest caused by the death of 46-year-old African American George Floyd. He died on may 25 after police at his arrest used a rear naked choke.

Floyd was arrested on suspicion of using false documents. The arrest was caught on video, which was published in social networks.

The police called the seller, who decided that Floyd tried to pay him a fake 20-dollar bill. Arrived at the scene, police arrested Floyd. They then said in the report, Floyd was “under the influence of intoxicants” and had resisted arrest.

However, the videos from surveillance cameras near the store who had detained Floyd, and others, shot by eyewitnesses, clearly shows that Floyd quietly gave them to shackle themselves in handcuffs and taken away.

On one of the entries shows that one of the four white police crushed the throat of Floyd knee. The detainee begs for mercy and says he can’t breathe (this same phrase was pronounced dead under similar circumstances Eric Gartner in 2014 in new York city).

Seven minutes later, when Floyd lost consciousness and showed no signs of life, police took him to the hospital. A few hours later African American died at the hospital.

Attention! Video contains violent scenes and may shock


Police involved in the arrest of Floyd, was fired, but did not yet arrested. They are also not put forward any charges. The mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey reported that the investigation conducted by the FBI.

27 may, as reported by Reuters, the protests near the place where he was arrested by Floyd, left hundreds of people, the police used against the demonstrators with tear gas and plastic bullets, the riots led to the fires and the death of at least one person.

On the night of 29 may, the massacres were repeated. The protesters surrounded the police station, where she worked involved in the arrest of Floyd the police. The police climbed onto the roof and tried to disperse the crowd stun grenades and tear gas.

After police evacuated by helicopter, the protesters broke into the building and set it on fire. A day earlier at the police station already clashes – protesters tried to get inside and the police blocked the entrance with a human chain.

In Minneapolis, which became the center of violence, at night, there is something between angry protest and street party, described the newspaper Politico.

“While a musical group was playing near the police station punk version of the Song of redemption (Redemption song) Bob Marley (with the slogan “free yourself from mental slavery), the demonstrators carried the dummies from the looted store Target and throwing them in a burning car. Later, near a fire”, – reports the edition.


During a night of unrest have been recorded dozens of arson (including the building of the police Department) and the looting of shops. “They’re just cashing in on us,” said the protester, who introduced himself as the Cache, the publication Politico the motivations of those who smashed shops.

Protests emerged in other cities, particularly in new York, Denver, Phoenix, Memphis and Columbus. And in the city of Saint Paul, capital of Minnesota, the protesters also staged pogroms.

The evening of 28 may, the mayor of Minneapolis declared in state of emergency. As noted in the document, the introduction of state of emergency will allow authorities to use the additional funds to ensure the safety of citizens.

Soon trump sent national guard troops to Minneapolis. A key task for soldiers – support the work of the fire service, says the national guard on Twitter.

“If a very weak government Minneapolis do not take the situation under control, he’ll do the job correctly and submit to the city the national guard”, – he had warned the President.


The unrest caused by the death of Floyd, were the largest protests of its kind in the United States in 2016. In the United States in recent years, there have been several major waves of public protests in connection with the deaths of African Americans at the hands of the police.

So, in 2014, the situation has escalated in Ferguson, where police shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael brown. The unrest lasted for several days. The police officer was not charged because of “lack of evidence”.

After a year in Baltimore, where as a result of injuries sustained in connection with the police action, died 26-year-old Freddy gray, the protests have claimed over hundreds of police.

In 2016, the attention was focused on the city of Charlotte, where police killed 43-year-old African-American Keith Lamont Scott. In the city were introduced units of the national guard and curfew. The officer is not punished.

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