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The United States expanded sanctions against Iran

США расширили антииранские санкции

US sanctions list against Iran expanded. Additional restrictive measures imposed on five organizations and 15 citizens, announced the American Ministry of Finance.

The sanctions targeted a number of Iranian and Iraqi organizations that are associated with the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) or people from the list. The inclusion in the black list means freezing assets in the United States and a ban for U.S. citizens or companies to do business with him involved. There have also been additional data about the spiritual leader and the leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, said TASS.

Earlier, Moscow has called on Washington to immediately remove sanctions against Iran that prevent the suppression of coronavirus. Recall that in recent days, Washington has repeatedly imposed various sanctions against Tehran, accusing them of supporting terrorism and calling their actions a counter-terrorism and the maximum limiting Iran’s oil trade. In Tehran say that the United States are aware of “economic terrorism” and not give the country to receive medical equipment and medicines required to combat coronavirus.

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