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The Ukrainians will pay for gas for new receipts

Украинцы будут оплачивать газ по новым квитанциямChanged the rules of formation of receipts for payment of gas

In the utilities receipts for payment of the consumed fuel there is an additional count, which is the recommended payment.

Gas suppliers in November 2017 ushered in receipt gas additional column is the recommended payment. New payment instruments consumers received in December of the current year.

Calculation rules recommended payment

The cost of gas that is best to pay the consumer is charged for the forecasted volume of consumption for each consumer. “The projected consumption of gas is calculated from the annual average amount of consumption, which is multiplied by the monthly proportion (percentage) set out in Appendix 1 to the Code distribution systems for each group of consumption”, — is reported on the website of the company “kievoblgaz sales”.

Group consumption depends on the types of gas equipment that is installed in the living room.

Why was introduced the recommended payment

Suppliers of gas are confident that the recommended payment payment will allow consumers to avoid debt for gas, as well as incurring penalties and fines.

Payment recommended payment is not required. The consumers are given the choice to pay the actual cost of gas for the month, or the amount of the recommended payment.

To pay or not to pay the recommended payment — the opinion of Ukrainians

Consumers complain about the inflated amount recommended payment receipts for gas. Head of Board of NGO “Union of homeowners of Ukraine” Oleksiy Kucherenko on the page in social network Facebook announced the receipt of gas from “dnepropetrovskgaz Sales” with a recommended payment in the amount of UAH 2832,91. The amount to be paid in the company’s accrued — 3127 UAH. “A person has no money to pay for 1544 of the hryvnia and give him a grant 1117 — where he will take 2500 hryvnia?”, — the author writes.

In the community”, Microinform — Irpen, Bucha, Gostomel, Vorzel, kotsyubinskoe, Nemeshaevo” on the social network Facebook consumer have reported inflated calculations of payments for gas in the Kiev region. “Every month I do everything on time and give testimony and crying. And sent me recommended a payment of 7 times monthly,” reports a user Rita Pagor.

Consumers demand to abolish the practice of charging the recommended payment for gas

On the website petitions to the President of Ukraine registered an appeal with a demand to prohibit gas suppliers specify recommended payment of utility bills. Document author Alexander Gaifullin reports that the amount of this payment significantly exceeds the cost of actually consumed gas at the meter. “Please ban this illegal requirement, but it looks like the requirement as to the amount to be paid has added a “projected payment” for the current month. The contract on gas supply is not provided, a mandatory subscription”, — the statement says.

Украинцы будут оплачивать газ по новым квитанциям

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