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The Ukrainians will be easier to take a loan

Украинцам станет проще взять кредитAdopted the relevant law.

The Verkhovna Rada has approved in the second reading and in General bill No. 6027-d “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the resumption of lending,” which should simplify the access of economic entities and individuals to credit.

For a decision at the meeting on Tuesday, July 3, voted 239 people’s deputies, according to an official website of the Parliament.

The purpose of the bill – active use of credit as a financial tool and reduce the cost of credit.

According to the explanatory Memorandum, the relevant legislative initiative must reduce the financial burden on borrowers, which will contribute to economic recovery and increased lending to individuals, primarily to improve housing conditions, and should eliminate the scheme of illegal withdrawal of property from the encumbrance of the lender.

In addition, the document aims to reduce the cost of debtors and creditors in settlement of debt through the improvement of extrajudicial instruments to resolve the gaps in the repayment of loans in case of recognition of the inheritance escheat, and harmonize provisions of the law “On banks and banking activities”.

Among the positive points of draft law No. 6027-d experts say simplifying the procedure for extrajudicial settlement of part of the transfer of title to the mortgaged property and the prohibition of the output of the object under mortgage by holding the debtor reconstruction or through the unauthorized construction.

Lenders will also have access to the State register of acts of civil status, to examine in more details the customer’s capacity to service debt.

Among the negative points of the document analysts point out the increased liability of the guarantors, the restriction of the norm on the obligation of the heir to apply for a certificate of inheritance, as well as the fact that the interest rate on the loan will remain virtually unchanged.

Украинцам станет проще взять кредит
Украинцам станет проще взять кредит

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