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The Ukrainian military showed newest armored vehicle. Video

Украинские военные показали новейший бронеавтомобиль. ВидеоArmored “Cossack” was tested.

Samples of different categories of light armored vehicles of domestic producers are tested at the Zhytomyr and other military sites in the country. Many of these samples will be included in the state defense order for next year.

This was reported by the commander of Land forces of VSU the General-the Lieutenant Sergey Popko.

According to the interlocutor, in terms of providing our army with emphasis on the modernization of tanks, on a good fire control system. And their base armor, suspension of military at the moment, satisfied. Although there are prospects of weapons and tanks “Oplot” said Sergei Popko.

However, as stated by commander, light armor type of armored infantry vehicles (IFVs), armoured personnel carriers (APCS) remains a priority to equip the army.

“There developed a line on these machines. Now look, choose, agree on how developers can put their products on an industrial basis – how much can produce, what price. We want to get a full range of armored vehicles. It should also be multifunctional: for transportation of personnel and for combat and for the production of light weapons (mortars), and as command post vehicle. But made on the basis of one base,” said Lieutenant General Sergei Popko.

However, he said: the customer is guided on domestic producers. But those who work with complex production. And in the process welcomed the cooperation of public and private companies.

Among the private domestic producers, to products which our shapochnikov genuine interest, the caller called NGOs “the Practice” and its line “Cossack”. And said that these machines undergo practical tests, including in a combat zone in the East of our country, to be able to check their performance in real conditions. At the same time, said Sergei Popko, special attention is paid to military control systems artillery in different units.

As assured by the commander of Land forces of the armed forces, selected and revised the military equipment will be included in the state defense order for next year.

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