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The Ukrainian military said the terrorists cunning involve them in the fight

Украинские военные рассказали, как террористы хитростью втягивают их в бойThe soldiers are complaining that they can’t use heavy caliber in response.

“Black berets” continue to protect the southern part of the front of the ATO in the East of Mariupol.

Fighters can’t do anything with the military, so they try to trick out their firing positions to cover the Ukrainian artillery, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Terrorists arranged a field base on a Scythian Kurgan in the Azov steppes. To figure out where Ukrainian soldiers are located, involve growth target – a kind of “stuffed”. “Red herring: raised target. If the optics are bad – there, we saw a movement, it seems that the enemy got up. And in fact, is a distraction,” said marine with the call sign “Staff”.

The calculation of the fighters to see where they shoot the military, then to set that place a heavy caliber. “If we engage in battle, they used big artillery. If you are silent – I can give a few days of respite, not to shoot,” explained a marine named “Gog”.

The military said that their main problem is related to the so-called truce of arms. In the absence of adequate response to the threat the militants pluck, and the Ukrainians are losing – the other day on one of the items injuring four soldiers. “Not enough of our heavy artillery. The people here are adequate, not for the money – people came for the land to fight for his house. Marines do not retreat, even if the positions will remain on one person – they will bite into the ground teeth,” says the marine “mixed”.

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