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The twin Peaks 25 years later (new teaser!)

Unexpectedly may 21, appeared from behind a turn. It can already be seen in the distance, partly to see, but it’s still out of reach. Will have to wait a bit. May 21, on the small screens of television returns favorite TV series of a generation (and then some), the famous brainchild of David Lynch’s “twin Peaks” (Twin Peaks).

The new season also reluctantly crawls out from behind a corner. The Showtime promo does not fail us, but rather teases, limited to a short teaser with pictures and cuts from the old series. Twin Peaks 2017 barely flashed before burning, impatient audience. The aged agent Cooper come out of the dark for a few seconds, then will seem in the frame to a pain familiar places.

And now a new teaser. Look at these faces. Learn? Of course, you will learn… They will be ready for a meeting with the audience, like the other inhabitants of the small but very quaint town. It’s full of secrets, and the owls are not what they seem. There was a part of our youth. And again, there’s something going on.

25 years ago, residents of small town twin Peaks was stunned by the mysterious murder of the Queen school of Laura Palmer. But the story is not over, the events of bygone days make themselves felt.

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