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The truth is more closer announced the new season of “Secret materials”

The return of FBI agents Mulder and Scully on the television was quite successful. Not all viewers liked the new series of the old “x-files” (The X-Files), but overall the crowd was supportive. Hell, how else? It’s cult heroes of our youth with another investigation of the paranormal! Yes, and the ratings of the show, apparently the creators gave. In General, the bosses of the Fox thought about it and decided that new season. The negotiations started a year ago and then seemingly came to a positive result, but now it’s official, with the official seal, with the consent of the main actors and all other matters.

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We are waiting for another ten episodes, directly continuing the story of the previous season. Of course, their roles will be back David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. The show’s Creator Chris Carter are also on Board. Premiere of a new Chapter of “Secret materials” is planned for season 2017 – 2018, so there is a chance to see the first episodes at the end of the year.

Someone will say “pot, not boil!”, someone thrown in the air specially prepared caps, but whatever it was, “Expiry” is an event. In the updated show was that twist, so it is highly likely that the creators will work on the bugs. And to watch a new season or just declare it a desecration of the beloved series – everyone decides for himself.

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The tenth season is released in 2016, Russia quickly showed TV-3. Considering the fact that recently the channel announced the broadcast of the new “twin peaks”, there is every reason to believe there will be past and x-files. At least it would like to believe. Like the fact that the truth is somewhere near.

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