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“The town of twin Peaks,” or the new teaser of the new season

If the advertising campaign of cosmowarrior “Alien: Testament” raises legitimate concerns (say, if the film is not overexposed footage already?), the new season of “twin peaks”, the situation is reversed. On the one hand, advertising is enough, and sometimes very original. On the other – we really didn’t show anything. Sly Fox David Lynch in no hurry to reveal secrets. For the most part have to settle for acting promotional and cuts from older seasons. Through them we are continuously fed to the continuation of the story, but the fans demand of fresh, new videos. That was immediately clear: hell, Yes, it’s really “twin Peaks” a quarter of a century later! And today their prayers were heard.

However, full trailer can not count. All the same question, for a moment, about the most mysterious city of the cinema. What here tons of videos and even more spoilers for the upcoming season. But some fans came: a short teaser called “the Town of twin Peaks”. From the others it differs in that do shows a new video. A drop on the frame, but fans across the Internet have already gushing enthusiasm (AAA, RED ROOM!!!). “Zone Horror” right there and drags the movie in your spacious, video-closet. To our inhabitants, too, could to check it out.

Recall that before the premiere of the new season is just nothing. It will be released may 21and the next day it will show on domestic TV in the face of the channel TV-3.

25 years ago, residents of small town twin Peaks was stunned by the mysterious murder of the Queen school of Laura Palmer. But the story is not over, the events of bygone days make themselves felt.

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