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The total race of scoundrels and desperate…

Общий забег подлецов и отчаявшихся...

20% of Russian citizens are ready to permanently move to another country if they have such an opportunity, said in a press-service of the American Institute of public opinion Gallup, 4 April published the results of a poll in 2018. This is the maximum percentage of those wishing to leave the country during the polls, starting in 2007. The highest rate of youth aged 15 to 29 years — 44%. In the age group from 30 to 45 years old — 22%, from 45 to 60 years — 9%.

The problem is the total number of migrants that in this figure are mixed and scoundrels, traitors, and just escaped criminals running away from crime scenes and retribution, and miserable, desperate people in the crowd which scoundrels and criminals hiding, hiding, mingling with her.

I must say that the figures “drawnow” has always been high. Leaders for emigration were Germany (15%) and USA (12%). Japan, Canada and Spain scored 5%. Burst delayed the flight is associated with a number of wild “reforms” of recent times, pension and other. They intensified the desperation, hit the hopes that something changes in comparison with 90-mi years… But the whole reason it is necessary to identify thoroughly, not by reducing it to one antipersonnel the power of stupidity or another increase in gasoline prices.


To understand what is happening, you need to understand the General scheme explaining a unified way all the specific events on migration. Why do people want to leave Russia? Why they travel from Guatemala to the US, why are they trying to get out of Malaysia to Canada? Why from Poland I dream to go to France, and Ukraine – to Poland? A General scheme explaining all the processes of economic migration is an old scheme of the colonial world order.

The meaning of European colonization – is to raise the standard of living in the metropolis at the price of lowering the standard of living in the colony.

Without this colonial system of Europe would have lost the sense of[1]. This mechanism worked, it is necessary to inhabitants of the colonies to take more and give them less. How?

Let’s assume that the Corporation owns two weaving mills in England and in India. Both the plant produce some limited ability to pay, after deducting all costs and normal profit of the owner. Let’s say 400 units each.

If the Corporation treated everyone equally, then the payroll would have amounted to 400 and 400. But by redistributing the Corporation may increase his countrymen payroll up to 500 or even 600 conventional units. How? They are not out of thin air come from? They come from a deliberate underpayment of colonial workers. They have developed 400 units of wealth, and get 300 or 200. Their colleagues performing the same volume of the same work, but in London, too, has developed 400 units of goods. But get 500 or 600.

Of course, our scheme is purely conventional, because plants in England, all is almost gone, there are mostly “white collar” and managerial offices. But the point is, I think, is clear.

A generated amount of real wealth (consumption potential) is supplied to the “common pot” and then redistributed so that the inhabitant of the metropolis gets more earned, due to the fact that a resident of colony, receives less than they earned.

This scheme works like a clock, constantly and rigorously. The janitor in Paris and the janitor in Chisinau perform identical duties but compare their earnings! And since there is no fundamental difference in their work there – a janitor from Chisinau dreams of becoming a janitor in Paris. Work the same as usual, but pay a much higher…

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Of course, it’s not only about the wipers. Talking about the programmers, and machinists, and plumbers, all about “all”. The point is simple: move to where my work is more pay. Work what was, and will remain so – and the payment will increase significantly…

Colonial peoples have a vested interest to stop subsidizing the rich of the nation’s Metropolitan areas. They want to get their 400.e. and not 200, as they do in a globalized economy, supranational redistribution.

But the colonial metropolis as not vitally interested in the outcome. Their high standard of living and the basis of national consensus rests on the surcharges implemented “his” at the expense of Stripping the colonies and semi-colonies.

Therefore, the metropolis plant modes, similar to the Kiev junta, which impede peoples shut out of foreign levies, and on the contrary, the maximum integrating colonial peoples into the world economy, with its “sons” and “stepchild”.


The flow of migrants to Europe or the US is a byproduct and at the same time the retribution for such pereraspredelitel policy of globalism. Interested in creating a home high quality of life, the Nations of the West maximalizing the gap in pay and employment between “their” and “colonial”. What it is, this gap – the more crammed different Negros and Arabs (including our, Russian “white Negroes”) in comfort. And when the crowd burst migrants – the result is terrible for everyone.


Allegorically understood it’s position in the world of progressive American Director George Romero, who directed the film-the metaphor of the “land of the dead”.

The story takes place in a world drowned in the Apocalypse. Everywhere creepy zombies, but one of the last fortified towns of the people of Pittsburgh. It sparkles with alluring dead lights of a skyscraper, is very securely protected from dead fences under high voltage, walls, barricades, army patrols and water hazards.

In the Central skyscraper “Fiddlers green”, inhabited by the elite, supported by the higher standard of living. For this life of luxury blazing outside Pittsburgh periodically made forays for remaining in the abandoned part of the city and neighbouring municipalities, the food and drug administration.

The end of the movie the wise and predictable crowds of zombies overcome shaky obstacles and burst into glittering lights of the boutiques skyscraper. In fact, Romero is in the form of allegory revealed to a wide audience and essence, and effects “of svorachivaniya” all the riches and wealth of the world in the narrow circle of “masters of life”.

But people do not understand the formulas economy, alas, is not realized and the film Romero…


In Russia in 90-e years were created (more precisely, finalized) the economy of a colonial-type economy pumping and almost free labor “natives”, gorbacewicz on global corporations for a pittance.

This economy is hard to reconcile with the policy of the Russian Federation, which creates a huge mine under Putin, but we now not about it.

We are the motivations of people who dream of leaving Russia, of course, not in Zimbabwe and not in Albania. And not in Somalia. It is clear where they dream to go there where pay more. Such mass sentiments are inevitable consequences of the colonial type of economy of the Russian Federation and criminally-unilaterally converted when E. Gaidar ruble.

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Such mood in the country is monstrous underpayments to workers and predictable, and explainable, and inevitable when chosen wrong ways of “economic servility” to the global economy.


Fluent in the fields describe my theory of wages. It can be of two types: objective and reasonable, assumes the character of law, or arbitrary, at the whim of the owner. Objectively-reasonable remuneration based on the fact that producing a brick, I should get a rouble. Or 50 cents, or 10, whatever – but everywhere.


And arbitrariness in the assessment is that in one place for the bricks pay a ruble, another 50 cents, the third 10 and fourth and even give it in the neck for free. In this case, of course, outrageous distortions – as in any situation when the law is replaced by tyranny.


I am not naïve and I understand that the cost is reasonable, assumes the character of the act, the remuneration may only be under socialism. It is impossible to production method to attach an objective justification wage!


No there’s no way out but to break the colonial relationship by going to start hard protectionism, and there, where the mind and the optimality of the take out. It is important to understand that free trade makes us slaves, and among slaves is always a lot of runaway slaves. All the best in the economy of the West reserves for itself, and all the worst in her – shoved us in the global division of labor.

And the situation in Ukraine is worse than Russia because Ukraine is on Russia has gone the way of integration with the “masters of the world economy”. There is a direct relationship: the higher the level of integration, the more disgusting and unenviable your role in the global division of labor, the more people want to escape, and more the desire to escape – “where the life, not stagnation.”

There are no other alternatives in Russia. Or she will build his farm so as not to be an appendage to the economy of the Western gate, or turn into a pathetic periphery, where constantly pump out all valuable where to dump all the garbage and all the problems.

And from running a self-respecting man, knowing the rules of the game in the colony are not living the life human. To live in the city, and not in a concentration camp, it is necessary to escape from the camp to the city…

The data of the survey is very sad, but not sensational. They are quite – me, for example – is expected. And unlike fraud, which is so often used in the United States.

We need to stand up or to accept that trampled. The second is easier, but besperspektivnyak…


[1] Russian Empire acquired the indigenous territory on other grounds – for the purpose of military, strategic, push back the lines of defense. On the standard of living of the natives is affected beneficially or in any way. There was no such purpose – to extort money from Poland or Georgia in the Central province of tsarist, post-Soviet Russia. This is a fundamental difference of the Russian and European imperialisms.

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