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The tale of Steven Spielberg’s “Captain Hook” as the slasher (VIDEO)

In 1991, he released “Captain Hook” (Hook) – free continuation of the tale of Peter pan. And, perhaps, one of the best “family” movies of that time. Robin Williams played grown-up Peter and the family man who has long forgotten about his childhood adventures in Neverland. However, the ominous (and simultaneously hilarious) Captain Hook performed by Dustin Hoffman reminded his long-time enemy of their common past – stealing the children Peter.

The picture graced the already outstanding filmography of Director Steven Spielberg, and, of course, brought good profits, while the true value has always been not in the commercial component.

New video on YouTube, which you can watch below, is a re-made trailer for “Captain Hook”. The installation transforms the tale for the whole family in the most natural slasher, in which an ordinary American family pursues a madman with a hook for a hand.

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