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The stylish new poster of “mom!” Darren Aronofsky

This is a dramatic story of a young couple whose relationship is tested for strength, when the heroes show up uninvited guests at the nines Deplete their quiet life.

Agree with this description of the plot of the movie Darren Aronofsky “mom!” (mother!) can be about anything. If the trailer and added the specifics, it is a little. Strange, vague, disturbing spectacle turned out. More interesting to get to the bottom.

The first poster shown was not standard advertising placard, and real works of art. Jennifer Lawrence with a torn heart aflame Javier Bardem – someone just admired the vivid images, and someone was trying to catch the message of the Director, to get to deeper meaning. It’s not just like that, right? In the fan community have become willing to dissect promotional materials, finding biblical allusions, and even hints that “mother!” – a movie about vampires. Further – more. As you know, when you look long into promo, promo starts to stare at you.

We got another poster of the picture – cute and dark at the same time. With a strong desire and imagination it is also possible to find something interesting to see (or invent) a hidden reference, although such evident Parallels as the previous poster and “rosemary’s Baby”, not here.

But there is an owl. It’s an owl? And owls, as taught by grandpa Lynch, not what you seem.

The Russian premiere of “mommy!” is scheduled for September 14, 2017.

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