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The state of terror

Государство террора

This place is my “replica” much more appropriate would be the text of the letter Svetlana Prokopieva. The more that I am ready to sign and to support not only her, but every word she wrote in this letter. Svetlana did not justify terrorism. Terrorism can never be justified. But the fact that the state is pushing people this way and is preparing its own suicide, it is obvious to me.

The guy who tried to blow up the Arkhangelsk FSB, I did the craziest thing. He tried to protest to actually destroy random people on the basis of their belonging to the security services. Although these specific people had committed no evil deeds, we do know. Again: the attack was a crazy young man. But unless the government is crazy not heated?

On Sunday afternoon in Moscow, a rally was held. Which ceased to discuss, I think, the Sunday evening. Because people just come out and say what you think. No one bothered them, no one was beaten and detained. They wanted to say and they said. Perhaps they even heard. And the police to maintain order, and times of unrest was not, it probably fulfilled its task.

But, as a rule, is very different. The expression of disagreement with the government became a crime. Sometimes even does not need a reason for repression. People are convicted spies for SMS, give time for the tweets and reposts, prescribe penalties for insulting the government, when citizens are called officials-scoundrels scoundrels. For the touch of the policeman you can get more than for the torture of prisoners or even suspects. You can swing an axe, and you can just stand in the subway with the phone – there is no difference, they will be punished equally. But if there is no difference, what prevents any madman to go all-in and instead of shouting slogans and drawing satirical posters, go to the direct violence? Big country – the roof can carry many. On Tuesday in the middle of Moscow some moved just killed a Colonel of the Investigative Committee! We have enough other crazies? And not only loonies.

We are all it was in history. The government didn’t want to listen to people and Davila. People said the reign of terror. The government responded to terror with terror. It ended the national carnage and the emergence of a terrorist state that killed tens of millions of its own citizens in every way possible. If you don’t care about people, think even about themselves, about self-preservation. “The Moscow affair”, “the New greatness”, Svetlana Prokopyeva, Pavel Ustinov, Ivan Golunov and several pages of names. In response to a common word of protest and a simple human frustration, trying to speak the truth out loud power beats club swinging. But no matter how strong the power of the people is still stronger. No matter how many under the gun of police and Regardie, ordinary people still more. Do not force them to give you back, be sensible, take care of yourself.

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