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The state Duma will prepare a law on bitcoin in a month

The state Duma is seriously concerned about the issue of control of turnover of the cryptocurrency in the country and has almost completed work on the relevant bill. According to Anatoly Aksakov, head of the Duma Committee on financial market, the document will be prepared for consideration next month.

At the moment the content of the upcoming bill are secret, and nobody knows exactly what it regulates, and regulates, if at all. Quite possibly, there will be told to ban any cryptocurrency on the territory of the country, except the one that is currently being developed somewhere in Russia and, according to rumors, does not require large computing power for mining. Or the document will be said about the Association of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. However, not all MPs support the idea of legalizing cryptocurrencies in Russia – many believe that this phenomenon should be banned by law.

The reason for this negative attitude to this technology is its opacity: it is almost impossible to track cash flow, therefore, it could be used to withdraw money abroad and sponsoring terrorists. How it all will end, will know very soon, next month, and probably after the publication of the text of the Bulletin Board will again break from the ads on the sale of high-end mining allegedly did not participate.

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