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The state Duma has limited the travel abroad of the former FSB

Госдума ограничила выезд за границу бывшим сотрудникам ФСБ

The state Duma has limited the travel abroad of the former employees of the FSB because of the interest of the Ukrainian and Georgian security services.

State Duma deputies approved on Thursday in the first reading a bill restricting travel abroad for ex-employees of FSB within five years after termination of employment or retirement.

Presenting the bill to deputies, the head of the Duma Committee on security Vasily Piskarev said that this measure “necessary and not obligatory”. While it will affect only one of the former employees Russian special services — the FSB. And to do travel abroad will not everyone, but only those against whom there is sufficient evidence and who was carrying military service, that is, people with combat experience and special skills. “For example, participated in the crossing of particularly serious crimes — bombings, the release of the hostages, suppression of actions of illegal armed formations”, — explained the Piskarev.

Each former employee will be accepted personally, and not the fact that the authorities were forbidden to leave the country for the entire period specified in the new law. “The range is as follows — from one month to five years,” said Piskarev.

The new limit is not delighted at deputies, among them many immigrants from the security services. Now in respect of employees of FSB there are standard rules when they are forbidden to travel abroad during the service, but after the dismissal prohibition applies only if the admission to data of special importance or they worked with the materials under a signature stamp “top secret”.

Piskarev argued the ban “tense international situation and openly hostile actions and provocations on the part of some foreign countries”. And, as it turned out, interest in former secret services showing at all in the NATO countries, and in the former Soviet republics with which Russia is not the easiest relationship in Georgia and Ukraine.

“The most active work of the Georgian and Ukrainian security services that use, including the threat of criminal prosecution for the fact of the declination to cooperate with former employees of the FSB,” — said the Piskarev. He also noted that the former secret services sometimes become targets for attacks by members of radical organizations operating in Ukraine.

However, the Piskarev admitted that if the former employees received information about the threat, they voluntarily refuse to travel abroad. This clarification was confused by individual parliamentarians, who do not understand, why to extend the ban to cover all former employees and only one specific intelligence.

“Let’s then pass a law immediately for all categories of employees of the security services or provide this right to the government and will not act like a fire brigade — the signal came and we all accept the law for only one Department,” he offered, “SR” Oleg Nilov. But he answered in that spirit that the FSB — this is just “the body that carries most of the load”.

That prohibition is aimed at those FSB officers, who after his dismissal from the service is sent on its own initiative in the “hot spots”, including the conflict zone in the Ukraine, the Duma chose not to speak.

Individual deputies simply did not like that the country entered another ban. “Suddenly began to oblige… even Though many members of the government know more secrets than the FSB, but freely travel abroad. If now we make a list of the ex-FSB officers, who are prohibited from leaving, then everyone will know their names and will come to Russia to try to establish contacts with them,” says the liberal Democrat Alexander Sherin.

But United Russia Viktor Vodolatsky did not share the concerns of deputies, Recalling that he himself is listed not permitted to travel abroad in 2014 and since then spends a vacation in Russia. “In our country so many beautiful places and I don’t feel flawed due to the fact that you can’t leave,” he put an end to the debate the MP.

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