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The star of “Big Bang Theory” touched by a story about Ukraine

Звезда "Теории Большого взрыва" растрогала рассказом об Украине“I’m half Ukrainian,” – admitted the actress.

American actress Mayim Bialik, best known for the role of blossom Russo in the sitcom “blossom” (1990-1995) and Amy Headlight Fowler in “the Big Bang Theory” (since 2010), wrote a touching letter about the trip to Ukraine.

A letter to the actress published on its online GrokNation.

“My grandfather and grandmother lived at a time when he was forced to flee to survive. I grew up with it. One of my grandmother could not speak about the war without crying. She began to cry so bitterly that I stopped to ask. Another grandmother renounced his Polish citizenship. I understand that she grew up in Poland until I was already 30. My Polish grandfather had nothing good to tell about Poland; he lived in persecution, after all, was an ethnic Jew,” writes Bialik.

“I grew up knowing that we were always Jewish – regardless of the country in which we were trying to fit in. So when I found out that I was going to Kiev, was excited. We ran out of there,” says the actress.

“I’m half Ukrainian,” she said.

“I will come again to Kiev, but the next time you come for longer to visit other places. I want to visit that part of the world. I want to continue to move until, until you visit all the places from where they drove us. One day I will go to Lviv and Uman will go in Mukachevo and in suwałki (Poland), Bialystok (Poland) and Odessa – and do it with joy and gratitude. For approval to the simple fact that I live as a Jew. As the largest act of retaliation that I can implement: the act of being in a place that was trying to stop my existence. I’m here. Thank you, Kyiv what brought me back,” concluded the actress.

Звезда "Теории Большого взрыва" растрогала рассказом об Украине

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