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The second season of “Area of darkness”: Terrible, impossible, completely different film

No sooner had we suspect that domestic web series “Area of darkness” is included in the second season as arrived and it is an official announcement in this regard. On the YouTube channel of the project, new teaser, which promises the premiere of “tomorrow” (actually TODAY!). In addition, the Creator of the “Area of darkness” Arseniy gonchukov of courtesy (and exclusive) shared with us a few promo posters.

Official press release:

The first series of the new, second season of “Area of darkness” will release this Thursday, the 14th of September. I admit, it’s hard to say and almost can’t believe it. That is, do as many have done, worked for, waited, what even it is terrible to realize. This Thursday! Second season! It sounds, however. In General, many thought this adventure this one-time, I’m all tired and we’ll stop everything, and then BAM, and a second season. No, we are not so easy to take.
I admit, this spring was even such a cowardly moment when I announced the date of the second season, I think it was the 12th of September, put a counter on our website (there is a countdown, the time remaining to the series), but then backpedaled. Removed the content of this ad and sad… don’t know what it was. But it was scary. Although this is no longer the fear, but still tired. It was a lot. But, he decided, leave.
The second season is quite different than the first, that is all. I think some will even be difficult at first, it and make. And I’m sure it will be 100% everyone by surprise. Stereotypes are strong, I shoot a lot and that makes Gonchukov, all used, that is not even used, and have already formed a stereotype, an image, a direction. But I promise that we are going to break it. It will be a completely different movie.
The first season is such, on the one hand, heavy “dostoevschina”, difficult moral and social issues, dark, realistic stories, the closeness to life, to the brutal everyday matters. He called, in the subtitle of the first season — “the Chronicles of everyday evil.” Now the subtitle’s gone. It will be no more.
In the second season we moved, on the one hand, to a more (and sometimes all) of the genre stories, on the other hand, our show will be more entertaining. The severity and hopelessness (as he wrote analysts of the film “Wednesday” about our show: “in any series there is no catharsis”, although it is not), darkness and a certain vitality — will not disappear, but will give way to a greater extent genre things. But the interesting thing is that it will not only horror, it is horror in its wider sense. We do want to try almost all the subgenres such broad areas as horror.
That is, it will be exactly the horrors. The new tagline sounds like “First Russian horror series” and it’s true. But inside it will be sci-Fi, post-Apocalypse, we will also have mysticism (which, however, was in the first season), there will be even, believe it or not, the genre si-fi, and even zombies, and they will. In General, I realize that statement is very dashing for bezbyudzhetnoe of the series, but that’s where we’re going. Probably nothing is harder to remove than without a budget in this genre, like science fiction, it’s sheer madness, of course, but as we put it on a new experiment. The rest you will see for yourself.
I agree, the announcement is frightening in its scope and I guess, arrogance. But I say, as a practitioner. Part of the second season have already been removed. Roughly speaking, the third.
And yet “Area of darkness” will be a completely new design. New titles, new posters, cover. Also recently in our social networks will be a series of concept posters which we prepared in the summer in the Studio of photographer Ivan Sakharov. They are very beautiful, do not miss.
Well, the important thing is that we launched a promotional campaign for the second season of “Area of darkness”. We got three rolls-the announcement. Three rollers associated to one subject. Promotional campaign of today is the most important part of movie promotion, so we too decided to release their videos. Including in order that though as-that to stir up the channel series on YouTube.
The funny thing is that these promotional videos — in fact, low-budget movies. When everything is built not on money, but on the idea. Imagine a low-budget advertising company! It sounds crazy, but what to do? So here we have in the district a reality. But I think it turned out pretty. According to like under the rollers, fans like. And judging by the comments, they are very happy that we came back at all.
Shorter! How to remove promo for 10 thousand rubles? Contact us! The price, incidentally, is real. So much cost us the production of these three videos. And more “Theatre house” Laziness Krasnov, where he generously allowed us to film them, well, virtual thousands to 100 of our own work on graphics, color correction, music, and more. In General, we tried.
By the way, the girl in the final promotional video, performed by young actress Polina Volkova, she became a symbol of the second season of “Area of darkness”. You’ll be seeing her again. And more than once.

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