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The “sausage immigrants” bombed terribly from the situation in the United States

У «колбасных эмигрантов» жутко бомбит от ситуации в США

Pain lower back causes of what is happening in the US, the “sausage immigrants”. All those who fled from the USSR or from Russia, considering that it is well settled in America, and watering our country dirt from abroad – sad. Now many of them whine that “it’s time to blame” US, but I can’t think where.

It is always interesting to read what they write, people now living in the proverbial “normal countries”. In mid-may I read you a letter from our countryman, describing from the inside a divided opposition America.

But, it was the opinion of a normal person. Which, although left home, but not told about it in his letter bad word. Not all immigrants are, you know. The same new York neighborhood Brighton beach that once became the refuge of many Soviet dissidents, the mass is inhabited by people who have decades of Hayal our country. Many of those in other American cities. So entertaining to read their whining about the situation in “bless America.”

For example, Eugene Leszczynski from San Francisco. The entry from may 31, when the U.S. was just on fire.

“A couple hours ago, came home. It so happened that I had today to get on the machine through the center of the city, downtown. Saw with my own eyes “peaceful demonstrators”, which from a lot of heartache for the world’s injustice, throwing in a passing bottle (miraculously did not break in the windshield). Seen and results of operations of these “pacifists”: broken into crumbs showcases the shopping center, people like cockroaches, smartly Pruszcz armfuls of stolen junk, abandoned boxes with broken bottles – he hasn’t been able to pull off, just defeated.

I don’t understand. What the hell is the outrage, looting and barbarism announce social protest, freedom of speech and honest expression of feelings?”

But a recent post Mrs. Leszczynski, from the 21st of June.

“Hatred, multiplied by the total insanity and always moves upward. It would seem that after dancing around the Golden coffin, an epidemic of deaths on the knees, baptism in the font at the place of death recidivist, officially promoted to sainthood, to go down lower than ever. But as you know, there is no bottom. In place of the fighters for the truth, smashing shop Windows, set fire to cars, smashing offices in the city centre, pulled a fresh detachment of the people’s Avengers. These yesterday with gusto toppled historical monuments. It got everything, from a monk of the Franciscan order, Junipero Serra to the writer Cervantes. Today passed another milestone. Passing by the Central library, saw put out piles of books. Not lazy, got out of the car to look at the seditious publication, thrown from the shelves. Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mark TWAIN, Jack London. I wonder where they are? To the city dump? Looking forward when they start to burn the museums. There, too, with whom to get even. One Rembrandt is worth something to his picture, which depicts Two afraid to tell anyone. And Rubens, damn it! Not to mention Paul Cezanne or Eugène Delacroix”.

And also lovely comments.

Many ask myself today (quietly, not saying aloud) question: what am I personally going to do? White movement, conformity, or merge with the masses in a fit of enthusiasm in order to avoid digging another of the white sea canal? And it is in America…”

“Gregory, I’m here 20 years. Always been a patriot of this country. But now for the first time said I want to leave. To the question “what I will do.” However, everywhere the same shit.”

“The problem is that the Bech in General nowhere. Europe is much closer to the scoop than we do. Latin America is usually struggling with the mind, the Masks did not have time to develop a system of remote relocation. We locked up. And that makes it sadder. Even if Oklahoma rallies antifa to whatever the results, the color of the state doesn’t matter. However, the election of the President. Well, we will choose it again, but he’s the President, and it all happens when it, so a dead end…”

“Where the blame? To The Moon? Nuts everywhere. Scary.”

Do you like it? People living in described by the taxi driver from “Brother 2” is the paradigm of: “homeland, where bum warm”, suddenly realized that the place where you can safely warm ass on the planet is no more.

By the way, I even like that they did not consider the option of returning to Russia, where the state and the people are not crazy. We here are not needed. Let them go to any Czech Republic or Poland, and even better – take up arms and fight inside their new American homeland.

“Right now, Eastern Europe is the new West as we knew him.

However, I’m not sure that we need to continue to dash around the planet. It is clear that everything and everywhere unpredictable. This country can not be given, it is necessary to re-elect trump’s (now linked the pre-election caution) and squeeze the leftist scum out of Congress.”

Don’t know whether they can re-elect trump, but I know another – their cosy little world, where you spitting on Russia, destroyed irrevocably. And I couldn’t hold back a grin when I read of the outpouring of the new York creality, cultural studies Alexandra Sviridova.

“Don’t tell me about racism – I know, as they say in Odessa. I don’t care what color those who destroyed my city.

About the arbitrariness of the police is also not necessary to tell. Know. But nedabah that will dial 911 and not go in a black neighborhood asking for protection.

About something that is not to be confused with the good, who were peacefully protesting against the bad, bad aliens from distant planets – that have beaten storefronts, gutted boutiques, smashed favorite city, too do not tell. Heard. X..and have them send you a leg go if they are not “your”? Why you not stop them?

Soviet Jews were advised would be more accurate to compare the situation of blacks in America with the situation of the Jews in Germany and other occupied territories during the Holocaust. Vile, dangerous and incorrect comparison. Black in America is not easy – this is known. But no death camps, crematoria, and they don’t burn over, as once in Lublin, where residents asked for the pipe to do up high so the ash is not settled on the white sheets.

Thank you to everyone who has otfranil me in Fe-Buka. Don’t stop.

I will not do that for their own reasons. But let’s have no illusions on his own account, believing that you liberals. Liberal – I: I wonder a different opinion, and you – no. And the word tolerance is about me, not about you. It means “tolerance”. And I suffer, gritting his teeth. I listen to other voices, other arguments that are poorly understood and not accepted. And you don’t.”

The snake bites its own tail. A variety of liberty wipes his feet on the other varieties. Isn’t that a magnificent sight?

Immigrants thought that you can run away from what they arrogantly call “scoop.” But the scoop – it’s inside them. And in Russia, which they thought “scoop” – here, the worst manifestations of the late madness every year less and less.

Again: back all the public allowed in any case. Otherwise they will bring your inner “scoop” to us.


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