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The region experienced a new Ukrainian drones. Video

На Черниговщине испытали новые украинские беспилотники. ВидеоScientists carefully study the theoretical components of aircraft systems.

State scientific-test centre of Armed forces of Ukraine, at the airport near Chernigov, began testing domestic unmanned aerial vehicle “Leleka-100”.

This reports the press service of the defense Ministry of Ukraine. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

During test work plan to evaluate mass-dimensional indicators and aeroelasticity “Stork”, as well as the experience the operator of the complex in extreme conditions, – said the Colonel Vladimir Dmitriev.

According to the report, the aviation complex, “lelek-100” is still obscure and requires careful study, but has modern aircraft and avionics equipment performs the job to aeroespace at large distances and is more silent and elusive to radar unlike the previous developments.

Next to the tests at the airfield military carried out an additional training of trainers who will soon travel to the area of ATO, which will teach the operators of other UAVs – complex A1-“Fury” – directly in combat. Training flights of “Fury” took place in difficult weather conditions at low temperature.

According to the defense Ministry, the complex A1-S “Fury” has already passed “baptism of fire” in the war zone and has positive characteristics.

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