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The President of Algeria, refused to go for a fifth term amid protests

Президент Алжира отказался идти на пятый срок на фоне протестов

Abdelaziz Bouteflika also announced the resignation of the government and again promised to develop a new Constitution. The President has promised not to run, but it was not about the next election, but about following them

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, holding the highest office in the country since 1999, address to the nation announced that it would not participate in the planned April 18 elections (policy in the case of victory would have been re-elected for a fifth term). The text of the appeal published daily newspaper El Khabar.

Bouteflika also announced the postponement of presidential elections and the resignation of the government.

In his address, the President writes about mass protests in the country. “I understand what prompted masses of people to choose this method of expression,” said the President.

Bouteflika, Recalling the state of his health and his age, writes that he left to perform only “the last duty” to the country’s population: “to lay the foundations of the new Republic, which will be the basis for the new Algerian regime.” The postponement of elections he explains the need to ensure “peace and public security”.

For the development and implementation of the necessary reforms Algerian President promises to convene a national conference. While it will draft the country’s new Constitution, which will then be put to a referendum. New presidential elections will be held only after that. The drafting of a new Constitution should be completed in 2019.

Bouteflika 82. He announced his plans to go to new elections on 10 February, officially his candidacy was approved on 3 March. It provoked protests, which were attended by hundreds of thousands of people. Rallies were also held in France (Algeria, its former colony).

A week ago, the President made a statement in which he explained his decision to a desire “millions of citizens” to support it. In that address, he promised not to run for a sixth term (that is, not to go to the polls in 2024) and allowed the drafting of a new Constitution.

Algeria is a large importer of Russian weapons, among the countries of the African continent, he is second in exports only to Egypt ($4.6 billion vs. $6.2 billion). Also country buys from Russia ferrous metals, and transport equipment.


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