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The path to tyranny is open

Путь к произволу открыт

The law on registered as foreign agents-natural persons — innovation in the sense that its drafters and initiators do not hide — it’s right designed for selective application. Some critics even find it well — will affect a few. I think they are wrong, but now on the other. The fact that Russian law enforcement is selective — not a secret. But so far none of that had resonance in the society norms was not directly focused on this practice. This has now changed. It is clear that the right electoral action — this is not right, and arbitrariness, and therefore the new law is unconstitutional. Unfortunately, to challenge it in the constitutional court is meaningless, not only because of the peculiarities of the COP. Because the authorities do not hide but also does not recognize out loud your intentions and motivations. It is a common practice “and you prove.”

Actually, a good answer would be the shaft of the proceedings on the recognition of the public registered as a foreign agent of the loyalists, whom the authorities did not wish to offend, but that under the letter of the law are covered at 100%. However, the human rights movement that would do it, already defeated (in particular, the previous laws on registered as a foreign agent). So the path to tyranny is opened.

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