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The object is classified X-37B is back with the fifth secret space mission

Абсолютно засекреченный объект X-37B вернулся с пятой тайной космической миссии

The object is classified X-37B is back with the fifth secret space mission, after the space of 780 days

The American brand secret spaceplane X-37B, about which nothing was known during the 9 years of the project, is back with another secret mission in space. This time the mini-Shuttle was in orbit for 780 days – from September 7, 2017 to October 27, 2019.

The only thing we know – the spaceplane, developed by us company Boeing, brought into orbit a new compact, previously unknown, small satellites, held in space, military experiments, and, completing the longest to date, flight, returned to Earth on Sunday, October 27.

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As reported by the United States air force, space Shuttle landed at the Space center at Cape Kennedy (Cape Canaveral, Florida). “With today’s successful landing of the X-37B has completed the longest flight and successfully completed all the mission objectives”, – said the Director of the rapid capabilities of the U.S. air force Randy Walden. “During this mission was successfully carried out, in particular, the experiments in the Research laboratory of the US air force and was also provided for delivery of small satellites”, – he added.

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In the catalog man-made space objects that are available on the dedicated website of the U.S. air force information about these satellites is missing, marks RIA “news”.

There is no data on these satellites in the catalog of the spacecraft, posted on the website of the UN office for outer space Affairs UNOOSA. And this directory contains all the information about the in orbit satellites, as all countries are obliged to provide these data on a mandatory basis.

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