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The new trailer for shark horror “Over depth: a Chronicle of survival”

Sharks are in fashion now. However, when they were NOT in Vogue, the devil figure?

In the Russian hire have just released film “the Blue abyss”, which we even included in our Top 5 horror movies about sharks, a little later, on August 17 the Russian cinema will get another picture of similar subject, “Over depth: a Chronicle of survival” (Cage Dive). Tonight, the Network has emerged a new trailer for this movie.

Incidentally, “the Chronicle of survival” – this is the case when foreign distributors have shown themselves no better Russian localization. We’re no stranger to swearing on durable Russian versions of names of certain foreign paintings, right?

So. Australian painting “Cage Dive” after she fell into the greedy hands of the company Lionsgate for distribution in the United States and in other territories… was renamed Open Water 3. That is – in the “open sea 3”.

It’s funny, because with the movie “open sea” 2003 “the Chronicle of survival,” share only a similar theme. Moreover, the painting, known in some places as “open sea 2”, also really is NOT a sequel to the original “Open sea”. I mean quirky types from Lionsgate “has established” franchise of three different movies.

This story is about three American students who decided to record on video your extreme sports: deep-sea cage diving Great white shark in South Australia. Fun adventure and such fun it seemed for friends. But a catastrophic turn of events put everything in its place: friends were in the open sea alone with a Great white shark. This film is documentary evidence of their attempts at survival in these conditions.

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