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The new “Insidious” moves to 2018

While the franchise continues to consistently bring in the pocket of its authors a substantial profit, why close it? So I thought, and the producers of the series “the Astral plane”, which in 2017 is going to give birth already the fourth film. It is not surprising, because a regular actor, script writer of the trilogy and part-time Director of the last of the published pieces, Whether Wannell still very exciting and convincing way to expand the mythology of their offspring. And even now the franchise has all chances to become the younger sister of the “Curse” (according to the direction to the end of the third film, now we will watch the adventures of the cheerful medium Alice Rainier and her two funny assistants), continued all causes of enduring interest. Moreover, the Director of the fourth Chapter of history appointed Adam Robitel, on account of which there is a pretty good horror “Demons of Deborah Logan”.

Here only to wait for the picture this year, based on the plans of the Studio Blumhouse, more is not worth it. “Astral: Chapter 4” will appear on the screens on 20 October 2017, as previously reported, on January 5, 2018. The vacant rental place is the horror film “Half to Death” from a writer “Paranormal” Christopher Landon. So before the new film about the meeting of Alice Rainier aggressive paranormality will have to wait, reviewing the previous series. At least hope for a triumphant return Ognennaya Demon from the first part, which has managed to flicker at the end of “Astral 3”.

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