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The national Council of film critics USA will award prizes to “OFF”

The influential American organization that brings together critics, film critics and other movie professionals, announced the winners of its honorary award this season. Among the winners of the double scored a suspense-Thriller, “Out”, which we already all ears buzzed with the beginning of the year.

It’s funny that the reviews Zone Horror on this film is a call to action: from the soft “let’s see what the suspense” to the ultimatum “come and see”. Oh, and my favorite, “run, rabbit, run.” In short, the picture became a significant event in the genre and beyond, so forecasters predict hail of awards. And Yes, it seems the rain has already begun. Just yesterday, we learned about the three awards, the Gotham Awards, and today here’s the new statues arrived.

The national Council of film critics United States recognized the film “Off,” the winner in two categories. First, it’s the Best directorial debut. Second, the Best ensemble cast. Could the original script Saw Jordan’s reward, well, okay, as a Director he made his debut and really powerful. Pleased with the second win because of the caste system of the picture is really very harmonious and interesting. Starring Daniel Kalwa with their wide smiles behind which he hides bewilderment and fear. Hypnotic softness Catherine keener (more tea?), stiff grinning face Betty Gabriel (no, no-no-no-no), swagger Caleb Landry Jones (wrestle?), short, but such a dramatic transformation of Lakita Stanfield (away!) etc.

Well, wait, as the tape will show itself further. Already have 5 nominations at the Independent spirit award and the chance to grab a Golden globe, but somehow as a Comedy.

I confess, I usually spit on all there the Oscars, but this year seems to be interesting.

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