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The most stylish things for the upcoming winter. Photo

Самые стильные вещи грядущей зимы. ФотоThey will be useful in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

Winter is again close. But, unlike the characters of “Game of Thrones”, the city’s beauties to contend with Walkers, and with the cold weather. More precisely, to solve the eternal problem of how to dress cool, but not freezing. To meet the upcoming frozen prepared will help these 7 most fashionable items of the season. Coming winter without them just will not do, no fashionista.

Want to meet winter with new clothes, but don’t know where to start your shopping quest? Then learn the latest trends of the cold season. They will help to look cool and will not freeze.

1. Sheepskin-leather jackets

Самые стильные вещи грядущей зимы. Фото

Warm, heavy, long to mid-thigh or slightly below – this thing will definitely be purchasing # 1 for girls who carefully monitor the trends. Choose a natural sheepskin coat, if you look for the most warming option, or artificial, if you do not want to spend a lot of money. Just remember to hook a turtleneck or a sweater with a throat.

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2. Speaking of turtlenecks

Самые стильные вещи грядущей зимы. Фото

This fall and winter without them just will not do. And no wonder: the turtleneck sweater is easy to combine with any clothes and not be afraid of colds. Look for the actual model? Then note the turtleneck bold bright hues and slightly voluminous sleeves.

3. Pantsuit

Самые стильные вещи грядущей зимы. Фото

A bit of volume, though from the man’s shoulder, with an elongated jacket and two rows of buttons. If you find a model with a straight line shoulders to – take, without deliberating. After all, the 80’s triumphant return to the wardrobes of trendsetters! And don’t forget to roll up your sleeves.

4. Oversized coat

Самые стильные вещи грядущей зимы. Фото

Another important thing in continuing the theme of the ‘ 80s. The main coat this season is certainly long, thick and with a focus on the shoulders. A nice bonus: this beauty can be hidden, several warm sweaters. What? Fashion is fashion, and you need to protect health from the youth.

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5. Red dress

Самые стильные вещи грядущей зимы. Фото

Bright, warm, feminine with him just do not want to break up all winter! Moreover, this thing creates a festive mood, even in business everyday life.

6. Ankle boots high heel with a slightly pointed toe

Самые стильные вещи грядущей зимы. Фото

To replace rough (but so comfortable!) tractor soles back feminine heel. And not alone, but in company with a narrow toe. Beautiful and elegant, but last winter it was somehow easier.

7. Solitaire

Самые стильные вещи грядущей зимы. Фото

Thick scarf or a silk scarf tied to “grandma’s” style is one of the most important things of the season. And paired with big glasses – a perfect example of the “new retro”. However, to decide on such a bold look, obviously not every pretty girl. And would you try it?

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