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The mirror idiots

Зеркало идиотов

Accusations Greta is a constant and ongoing session of self-exposure.

Its just used for their own purposes… say the people who apparently think that they are not used.

At her age it is necessary to go to school, not for the UN — spoken people in the UN are not allowed and they want the rest is also not allowed.

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With her illness should be treated, and not to be… — people say, giving your animal the fear of otherness, in front of others, not like others.

She just can afford a yacht, instead of plane, and ordinary people can’t… people say that not once in his life glad that did better than others.

— She says a lot of stupid things… say tens of thousands of people with an IQ of 180 and is protected by two theses in different fields.

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— It is impossible to act with such utopian ideas… say the people who regularly listen to public speeches of political clowns and find them reasonable.

Greta is just a mirror of idiots.

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