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The Ministry even warned that left the Russians without drugs

Минздрав даже не предупредил, что оставил россиян без лекарств

Almost half of the procurement of medicines, declared by health facilities and gospechati, break — due to the lack of necessary preparations. Officials dictate such purchase prices that are disadvantageous to the suppliers — those and prefer not to contact government.

No insulin, no saline

Company Headway calculated that this year was thwarted almost 60 thousand public procurement for the supply of medicines in the public pharmacy chain or health facilities for a total amount of almost 40 billion rubles. More than a quarter of all tenders, and in comparison with last year the volume of the failed procurement has doubled.

Often suppliers do not apply for way medications such as insulin, saline (sodium chloride), vaccine of rabies, albumin (substitute of blood plasma) and immunoglobulins. Often flying purchases, even drugs for cancer hospitals.

This is due to the fact that customers declare too low a purchase price that is disadvantageous to the suppliers, so they do not participate in the tender. And this is not a regional problem (in Moscow in the first half of 2019 have been thwarted a third auctions): the reason is that the method of calculating the purchase price establishes the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, and it is obviously disadvantageous for suppliers. Talking about this with a specialist in the medicinal market, the doctor of pharmaceutical Sciences Tatiana Orel.

Officials are cutting a sick head on healthy

“SP”: — Tatiana Vladislava who’s to blame for the failure of the supply of medicines in the Russian medical institutions? On the officials or the suppliers?

— The fault lies with the health officials who fails to monitor the situation and ensure the supply of drugs to medical institutions. I can say on the example of the vaccine against rabies. The problem really exists, in some regions, including in the regions of Southern Russia. So, in June the residents of North Ossetia, scavenged by animals, were unable to get in and out of hospitals with the rabies vaccine. There were similar cases in Adygea. Doctors Kislovodsk are unable to be vaccinated against rabies seven-year-old boy due to the lack of health facilities in the town of rabies vaccine.

The lack of a vaccine health officials explained broken in August by manufacturers. Make it two domestic plants, one of which — “Microgen”, which increased the supply by more than 30% of the domestic market. So make your conclusions…

“SP”: — And what about other drugs?

— For prednisolone. Every day in the media and social networks, as reports from the front, news about the shortage of prednisolone in a particular region. But this drug (especially in its injectable form) can be attributed to the drugs of the ambulance. It is used in huge number of diseases, and the abrupt stop of taking prednisone may lead to very disastrous consequences. And again, the blame for the shortage of the drug, health officials shifted to the shoulders of the manufacturers.

“SP”: — is it Enough just to raise purchasing prices for medicines that the problem was resolved?

— Absolutely not enough! The reason in the first place — not in procurement, and in manufacturing. Nobody wants to work at a loss, so some medications just cease to supply or release. This situation could have been predicted long ago. After the first wave of sharp price increases for both domestic and imported products due to the appreciation of the currency, the government and the Ministry of health has taken a populist decision to control prices on drugs.

But to lower the price in an order for a long time impossible. Maybe some manufacturers had some internal resources, but everything comes to an end. And now, when for objective reasons the price of foreign pharmaceutical substances has risen, producing some of the funds was at a loss.

“SP”: — As it is not made to criticize the planned economy, but in Soviet time, this was not a problem.

— In Soviet times, problems with the supply of domestic products were not so functioned as a separate Ministry of the medical industry, where professionals working. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in our country is not only gone most of the pharmaceutical companies, but was destroyed the entire interrelated structure: education — the production of substances — the production of drugs.

The assurances of the current leadership of the Ministry of health that already most of the drugs on the market of domestic production — it is wickedness. To produce in Russia from imported substances — does not mean that the industry is not dependent on foreign countries. And the more influence on the final price in this situation is impossible. That’s why today we have what we have.

“SP”: — Well, then what will?!

And then the problem will only get worse. It must be solved globally, and not only restrictive measures in pricing. Our plants becomes unprofitable to produce a number of essential but cheap drugs — it goes to a shortage of glucose, vitamin D, ascorbic acid, novocaine, and primary antibiotics.

Against this background, the paradoxical looks the Federal program “Pharma-2020”, whose main task was proclaimed the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, or so-called import substitution. The development and registration of new domestic development is slow, all the while bumping into numerous bureaucratic obstacles.

The Russian pharmaceutical market has long been a fever, but there is no information that someone has suffered personal responsibility for the failure of the program “Pharma-2020”. But the Ministry is already actively preparing the concept of the “Pharma-2030”.

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