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The Ministers of Russia are living on another planet

Министры России живут на другой планете

Their salary, benefits and privileges depend on us

Finance Minister Siluanov gave an interview where he spoke about the crisis, the contraction of the economy, budget, funding, loans and Fund of national well-being, and future success. The interview is long and probably there are many important details that are understandable to the bankers and businessmen who know how to read between the lines and do the right (sad) conclusions.

We’re not economists, not bankers, not financiers and even politicians. Us to grasp the meaning of the wording of the Finance Minister makes no sense. Similarly, it makes no sense to the ordinary person to read the long text of the insurance policy, because it’s written “special language”. Only a professional lawyer will see traps, but ordinary people won’t even notice, like something broke, and now he no money owed.

Now the main problem — the epidemic. Every day we hear that hospitals cannot cope, the doctors hundreds of sick, medical students recruited by Fiat, not enough protective and disinfectant… And that’s what the Minister said at the beginning of the interview.

SILUANOV. Now before us a new task – to protect the health and lives of people. (Unless before such problems was not? — A. M.) I do not agree with the fact that we have global underfunding of health budget. (What’s the consent or not the consent of the Minister? There are statistics. Russia in the second hundred in health care costs. — A. M.) Today’s challenges is a test of the various health systems. (“Verification of the performance of different systems”? So I could say alien, for which our life and death are interesting material for your dissertation. — A. M.) Until our system as a whole can withstand this difficult moment. And while the mortality rate we have, thank God, is lower than in other countries. I believe that our health care worked pretty well.

Well and what sense to read next? Somehow, it seems that if our country will be half of the population, the standard of living of Ministers is not reduced absolutely. Their salary, benefits and privileges don’t depend on us.

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