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The main moneylenders of the country

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“The source”: the largest MFIs in Russia are ex-wife of Putin, the children of oligarchs and gosmenedzhery

The main moneylenders of Russia are the children of oligarchs and gosmenedzhery. For the largest microfinance organization of the country is also the former wife of Russian President Lyudmila Putina (aka Ocheretnaja and Shkrebneva). This is stated in the investigation “Source”.

According to the publication, in 2017, one of the investors in MFIs CarMoney, who heads the rating of the companies on mortgage loans, was the company “Meridian”. She, in turn, is controlled by OOO “Interlabservis”, the only founder of which is the ex-wife of Vladimir Putin (she registered the company under her maiden name — Shkrebneva — approx. ed.). Currently, OOO “Meridian” has a 7% share in a Cyprus company Carmoney CY LTD, which is the founder of a legal entity CarMoney.

In the first half of 2019 CarMoney, according to the “Interlocutor”, was released on a record profit. During the year the portfolio of microcredit companies increased by 30%, and now the Russians have this organization, 2.6 billion rubles.


Shareholders Carmoney CY, specifies the edition, are also former Director General of JSC “national airline “224th flight unit” Konstantin Vartanov. This structure is engaged in the transportation of tuples of top officials, including the President of the Russian Federation. Another beneficiary of the microcredit office — Sergey Sitnikov. The name of the owner of the Bank “Russian financial traditions”, which the Central Bank revoked the license for the laundering of proceeds of crime. Co-owners of MFIs, according to “the Source”, and are a major gospodnetic, among them — businessmen Igor and Sergei Tuzhilin Prilepsky.

Another leader among Russian MFIs called “Migkredit”. The company is controlled through the Cyprus offshore company Migcredit Holdings, the main owner of which — a 22-year-old son of the oligarch Alexander Mamut Nicholas, living in the United States. “Migkredit” loans Russians under 358% per annum, while the firm was recognized as a violator of the law.

Microfinance institutions Bystrodengi and “Turbosim” control two brothers Yuriy and Egor Provkin, said the investigation “Source”. Children of ex-Senator Igor Provkin convicted of sexual assault on girls. In turn for MFIs “Webhancer” is Denis Shafranik, who is the son of former energy Minister Yuri Shafranik. Companion Shafranik, Jr. in this MFI is former head of the Federal freight company, and until recently Advisor to the CEO of Russian Railways Alexey Taicher, says the publication.

According to the Central Bank, the debt load of Russians currently peaked in 2012. Disturbing the regulator believes the increase in the number of those who uses multiple types of loans. According to the Central Bank, now have open loans 39.5 million of Russians — 54% of the working population.


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