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The main mistakes when choosing your first car

Названы главные ошибки при выборе первого автомобиля The eight major mistakes.

When purchasing your first car almost all wrong. What mistakes are the most common? Read, and learn.

1. Not the car

Do you have any expectations regarding the future car. For example, you want to ride with friends on picnics every weekend. Or want double machine only for yourself, and for the second half.

But the reality is different: friends are always busy, and the family and the addition.

This is not so important if you can at any time to change the car. But such opportunities are the exception rather than the rule. When you select a model, imagine what it will be with you for many years.

2. Uneconomical machine

If you have no driving experience, you will hardly imagine how much actually goes out of money to refuel.

Fuel prices are not encouraging and are unlikely to be happy in the near future. The cost of gasoline when buying a gas-guzzling car can be unsettling, especially if you will actively use the car.

Car maintenance is expensive. And you will quickly feel that the money fly into the exhaust pipe.

The same applies to the cost of the parts. To repair the car will still have, even small things. Before buying see how many will have to spend the standard repair.

Visit the forums where the owners of the machines you are interested in brand talk about their cars. You immediately know about the problem areas of the machine. And then think about whether pull such expenses your wallet.

3. Unexpected repairs

“Buy a used! Why are you new?” is this advice often given to beginners.

Of course, used cars are cheaper. And not so a pity to scratch, for example. But even experienced drivers are unable to determine whether all normal in a used car. It needs to be an auto mechanic with experience.

Even to check the machine suggest on reliable, “their” stations, and not on those who advises the seller. Hidden defects can be very expensive. So, if you decide to choose a used car, go shopping for a mechanic. Even if his services will cost a few thousand, you will save more.

And that’s not to mention the fact that car fault can cost not only money but also health.

4. Car “for slaughter”

“Buy something worse: and break do not mind, and learn to drive!” — it’s actually tip number one from experienced drivers.

Now think, why do you take the car. You want to smash it or to drive it? In order to learn how to self-repair or to move from point A to point B?

Beginners feel uncomfortable behind the wheel. If you put them for the management of “dead” machine, will only get worse. Why create more problems for themselves and to take risks when you can buy not the most expensive, but reliable car and comfortable on the road already on it — is unclear.

5. Machine for show off

Before choosing a car, think what you will it to do. The machine should be reliable, no problem to take you to your destination and squeeze in things that you normally carry. Cars full of opportunities to upgrade, but the basic functions to enhance impossible.

There is an opinion that beautiful and fancy car to impress others, and your life will do better. However, the same can be done and just a good, reliable machine.

Approach to the choice of car as choice of tool and don’t let emotions control your decision.

6. Hopes for future profits

Cars are expensive, but this does not mean that investing in a car will pay off (we are not about business now, and on a personal car). When reselling any car loses in value just because of the fact that the change of the owner. Inside, you will recommend a more expensive car and say that it and the sale will cost hoo. This is not the argument we should listen to. For example, the automatic transmission will cost more in the sale. But the General depreciation of a used car is little impact.

So the car is not an investment. Make the costs minimal and buy safe and reliable vehicle.

7. Buying without bargaining

If you went to a used car, keep in mind: the price tag charged by the seller is indicative. Bargaining is possible and necessary, as a rule, sellers are willing to drop the price. To achieve this, you need to carefully examine the car and ask questions about his condition. The attentive and experienced buyer may reduce the price of tens of thousands of rubles. Or study forums to understand what to ask, or still take with you a mechanic who will ask for you.

8. Car loan directly into the cabin

When buying a car is almost a done deal, it remains to avoid the last trap. Especially if you decide to take out a car loan. So you’re standing almost in front of his car, and the dealer says it can buy you right now on special conditions. Only sign the loan agreement, and then each month will have to pay something for nothing.

Here you need to make the effort not to sign. Read carefully what conditions you offer. Often the loans in the salons unfavorable, gives a large percentage. It is best to consider offers of banks and find the best option. Do this before going to the salon so as not to tempt themselves.

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