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The leading News was unable to restrain laughter after learning about the new amounts of social payments

Ведущая Вестей не смогла сдержать смех, узнав о суммах новых социальных выплат

The TV host laughed after the words about benefits in Russia.

Presenter GTRK “Kamchatka” and laughed, talking about the increase in social benefits in Russia by 3 percent. Record it is not aired, but has spread across the network.

The show host has listed what people with disabilities, combat veterans, citizens, exposed to radiation and others receiving benefits the Russians can spend that they are entitled 1155 roubles 900 roubles, on drugs, 137 roubles for a ticket to a sanatorium, and the remaining 127,7 ruble — suburban or international transport to the place of treatment and back.

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After about 127 rubles, intended for international transport, leading are unable to contain laughter. “I tried, you heard me,” she said, apologizing to colleagues and trying to control my laughter. Employee unit RTR also glad for the fact that the incident occurred not during the live broadcast.

The monthly monetary payment (EDV) for beneficiaries, adjusted for inflation indexed from 1 February. The law is part of the EDV range of social services may be provided in kind or cash. 3 percent increase in the cash equivalent of the social set. Federal benefits in Russia receives more than 15 million people.

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Informed about the incidents during filming, told Russian TV presenter Larisa Verbitskaya. In particular, she remembered how her co-host for a minute before the broadcast was sliding off the chair because of strong emotion. In some cases, the characters filming so scared that they needed medical assistance.

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