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The leaders of the “DND” raised the question of the formation of the flotilla

Главари «ДНР» подняли вопрос о формировании «флотилии»While in the “DNR” feature only by boat.

The leaders of the militants “DNR” again raised the question of the formation of a “full fleet”, said military experts of the group Information resistance.

In the EC recalled that, on its establishment, the militants announced in may 2015. Initially, it was composed of five fishing boats and pleasure boats which were called “battle boats”, then “combat composition of the fleet” was reduced to seven similar “combat units”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

It is noted that the locations were identified occupied Novoazovsk and sedovo Nameless.

“In early 2016, the leadership of the “DNR” conducted negotiations with the General staff of the armed forces on the transfer of part of the “fleet” of 3 units Russian patrol boat project 12150 Mangust and 1 unit of the new border patrol boat project 12200 “Sobol”. Then the negotiations ended without result”, – added in the group.

There are also reports that at the moment the Russian command have promised that four patrol boats will be delivered to “DPR” for may-June 2017.

“What types of boats does the military leadership of the Russian Federation – those, which were discussed last year, or otherwise, is currently unknown”, – summed up in ISA.

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