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Extra-long cycles of economic social formation

A brief synopsis is given and justified a new theory of very long (average about 18 centuries) and long (5 to 7 centuries) cycles of development of the economic social formation spanning the last 5.5 thousand years of world history and the beginning of emergence and development of the first …

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Uncover the secret of formation of the oldest rocks

On the young Earth could cause such high temperatures without assistance. The oldest rocks ever found on Earth probably formed when the asteroid bombardment, said Australian scientists. Many “accidents” happened more than four billion years ago. About three decades ago, scientists discovered near the river Acosta in Canada fallichesky ancient …

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Kiev and the IMF are discussing the formation of gas prices

Ukraine insists on the formula for calculating gas prices. Ukraine and the international monetary Fund will continue negotiations on the revision of the formula of forming the price of gas. On Friday, November 20, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman in the Parliament. “We are in talks with the International monetary Fund …

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Scientists explain the formation of the main asteroid belt

The first asteroid entered the inner belt outside the orbit of Mars. French and Brazilian scientists explain the formation of the main asteroid belt located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. A study published in Science Advances. Experts have shown that the asteroid belt was initially almost empty, but …

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Scientists have refuted the theory of the Earth formation

The ratio of zinc content to the sulfur in the Earth’s core is much higher than previously thought. French scientists admitted that the modern model of the Earth formation need to be revised. The specialists said at a conference Goldschmidt2017 organized by the European Association of Geochemistry and Geochemical society. …

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