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The law on organ transplantation came into force in Ukraine

Закон о трансплантации органов вступил в силу в УкраинеRada adopted a Law on transplantation on may 17.

In Ukraine of 24 June, entered into force the law on transplantation of human organs.

The day before it was published in the parliamentary newspaper “Voice of Ukraine”.

Act No. 2427-VIII “On the application of the transplant anatomic human materials” will be introduced with effect from 1 January 2019.

According to the law, every person in life can consent to postmortem donation or to refuse it. If you want you can make a note about it in the passport/driver’s license. Its decision can be changed and valid will only last by date.

In addition, it is possible to choose a trusted person, who after death will publish the agreement or prohibit a potential donor for a transplant of his organs.

If the databases no position regarding posthumous donation, no information about a trusted person to ask the spouse of the deceased or one of the close relatives (children, parents, brothers/sisters). If there are none, then the person who buried the deceased. In case of death of a minor, permission for a transplant will be asking the parents or other legal representatives.

Do not use human organs after his death, if he opposed or did not allow relatives.

The law prohibits to remove anatomical material at the dead of veterans ATO and environmental protection; orphans; recognized incapable, as well as people whose identity is not established. Can’t use the bodies of the deceased, if no one to ask permission, against the court, the police or the medical examiner.

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