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The LAST contest of funny comments in 2017

Somehow quickly and imperceptibly the year of 2017 came to an end, and this contest funny captions scary photos will be the last for the year following, we will carry out in the new, 2018… It’s a thing worth noting!

But first, summarize the results of the previous contest, a prize which was, as you remember the book “Fear” writer’s Novel Ganushkina, also known as the bestselling author of “Kanal imeni Moskvy” Anonymous. To be honest, we were expecting more from you, but the prize did not arouse any special interest, whether the offered photos are not particularly aroused in you a sense of humor and imagination. Whatever it was, and the winner we have, and is the author of this version of the signature:

It’s kind of funny, but we won for the umpteenth time user Immortal, which, presumably, the house has a small collection of books and DVD’s won in our contests 🙂

Well, let’s see whether he can achieve success in our new year events – or the luck will smile to someone else.

To adequately carry out the old and ring in the New year, we in the next two contests giving away two great books by famous American horror author R. L. Stine, author of the famous “Horror”. Books belong to the series “Street of fear” (according to rumors, it will be screened), and in Russia they were published in a series of “Fear” in the form of collections, consisting of several stories.

So our first new year’s prize is a collection of R. L. Stine’s “Night games. New. Recognition. New year’s eve party”. And competition task – to come up with a funny caption for the still from the film… “Horror” (Goosebumps). The same one that was shot just based on the works of a Pack, Yes with Jack black in the role of the RL!

Remember that one comment can be offered one option of the signature; number of comments per participant is not limited. Go for it!

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