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The landmark of new York: Park Madison Square. Photo

Достопримечательность Нью-Йорка: парк Мэдисон-Сквер. ФотоMadison square — city Park, named after James Madison, 4th President of the United States.

Madison Square is located in the Flatiron district and is one of the most historically significant areas in new York.

Attractive Park Madison Square is surrounded by historic attractions, including the famous Flatiron building and the iconic MetLife Tower. The first decades after the official opening of Madison Square in 1847, this place was a predominantly residential area. Since 1859, with the opening of the Fifth Avenue hotel, the area began to develop into a centre of social life in new York. Many of the largest hotels here drew their attention, and behind them marched the retailers and the entertainment industry. At the end of the nineteenth century, Madison Square became a Paradise of shopping in Manhattan. Because of the dense concentration of shops, the area of Broadway between Union Square and Madison Square became known as the ladies Mile.

Flatiron Building
During its heyday in the early twentieth century, Madison Square became the main office location. The most known landmark in the area was the Flatiron building, built in 1902, the famous Chicago architect Daniel Bernama. He designed the building in the then popular Beaux-arts. The original 21-storey building bore the name of fuller in honor of him who built the company, but then it was renamed in the Flatiron district because of the similarity with iron. Its shape and height made iron one of the most recognized landmarks in new York.

Достопримечательность Нью-Йорка: парк Мэдисон-Сквер. Фото

Tower MetLife
In 1909 near the Park Madison Square a Tower was built in MetLife as the new main office of insurance company Metropolitan Life. 213 foot, 51-story building was modeled after the bell tower of St. Mark’s square in Venice. On completion of construction it was the tallest building in the world. MetLife was the tallest in the world until the completion of the Woolworth building in 1913.

Достопримечательность Нью-Йорка: парк Мэдисон-Сквер. Фото

Next to the MetLife Tower, 24 th street, is another building of the insurance company, known as the ‘North building’. This building in the Art Deco style was designed as a huge 100-storey tower. This project would return the title of the tallest building in the world the Metropolitan Life Insurance company, but the Great Depression prevented the plans: only the 29 first floors were built before construction was halted in 1932.

The building is NY Life Insurance
Another famous skyscraper near Madison Square — the building of the insurance company New York Life Insurance. It was built in 1928 on the site of the original Madison Square garden. The building is known for its octagonal gilded spire. Its Creator Cass Gilbert (architect of the Woolworth Building) was inspired by the Salisbury Cathedral in England.

Достопримечательность Нью-Йорка: парк Мэдисон-Сквер. Фото

More recent, but no less striking building at Madison Square is One Madison Park, originally known as Saya. 51 story skyscraper 188 meters high was designed by the firm Cetra Ruddy Architects. A modern glass tower built in 2009, contrasts with many historical monuments around. While all of the early twentieth century skyscrapers around Madison square Park was built as office towers, One Madison Park was designed as a residential complex. The upper floors have great views of the MetLife Tower and the city Centre.

Madison Square Park
Madison Park Square limited Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue and 23rd and 26th streets. After the reconstruction in 2001, this Park and this Park is one of the nicest in Manhattan. From any point offers a beautiful view on the surrounding architectural landmarks in new York.

Достопримечательность Нью-Йорка: парк Мэдисон-Сквер. Фото

The Park has many statues of the nineteenth century. In the South-East corner is a statue of Senator Roscoe of Developments, who died during the great snow storm of 1888. Awarded the statue another politician William H. Seward, the former Governor of new York immortalized in a seated position. In the Northern end of the Park Madison Square is a statue of August Saint-Gaudens, depicting Admiral during the civil war David Farragut. In the period from 1876 to 1882, the right arm and torch of the statue of Liberty exhibited in the Park to raise money for further construction.

Достопримечательность Нью-Йорка: парк Мэдисон-Сквер. Фото

Madison Square Garden
Madison Square was the location of the original Madison Square garden. This temple of amusement was first opened in 1879 in a former Hippodrome located at the northeast corner of Madison Avenue and 26th street. The second Madison square garden, appeared at the same location in 1889 and included a concert hall, theater and roof garden. Its tower was built in the image of the Giraldo tower in Seville and chaired by the statue of the goddess Diana. In 1925 the building was demolished and Madison square garden moved to 8th Avenue and 49th street. The current Madison square garden is at Penn station (between 31st and 33rd street, 7th and 8th Avenue).

Достопримечательность Нью-Йорка: парк Мэдисон-Сквер. Фото

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