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The Kremlin could not agree on measures in connection with epidemic

В Кремле не могут договориться о мерах в связи с эпидемией

Look, I calmly refer to the measures that the Kremlin takes in connection with the epidemic, I assume that I’m not an expert, and in this case, decisions should be made by people familiar with the matter. It means that we need. But hell, you can somehow agree on what you have to offer?

First, the President declares the entire week “off”. Now, Sands says “those who worked still on remote, will continue to work as worked, next week. We are not talking about weekends or public holidays in the classic sense of the word.” And in what sense is this speech? If it is not in any law?

You know that people first lined up processes for remote work, and then blocked them after your statements? What companies and organizations are forced and unnecessarily announced weekend for staff and students who worked and studied from home? What people are forgetting about all the differences and all your dubious games, I try to follow your instructions, even where their meaning is completely unclear from what you imagine, what you doing?

How can “continue to work” if there is a decree on the week? To force workers to work from home against their will? And then to receive complaints under the labor code? You imagine there is a bit of how a normal life? That something else, besides missile factories and oil wells, where all spreading at home and work stops? Of course, I understand that your boss took fashion to make decisions and owes nothing to explain — but you can do something to let him know that his words and actions in the situation of the epidemic are the consequences? That’s not a constitutional amendment, you cannot change them back every two days?

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