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The Kiev market fell three products

На киевских рынках подешевели три продукта16 APR whole Christian world will celebrate Easter.

And, of course, this fact largely determines the range of goods on the market. Most popular today are the objects and products necessary to adequately and fun to celebrate the holiday.

A variety of products, dedicated to Easter, is growing every year. In the first place to offer people baskets, which are an invariable attribute of the Church. This season is a real treat for the Transcarpathian masters of basket weaving, which offer a huge selection of baskets of different shapes and sizes. Their price in most cases ranges from 120 to 180 USD. Here lovers of needlework can purchase wooden eggs — blanks for the production of eggs. They are only 10 hryvnias apiece, so almost everyone has the opportunity to try their hand at this traditional Ukrainian art. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

There are also many products that help to prepare the festive table. Disposable paper molds for cakes are from 3 to 7 hryvnias depending on size. And in order to properly decorate the resulting product, hostess acquire glaze (5-7 UAH per pack), and multi-colored sprinkles (the little bag costs 1,5—3 UAH). There are also sugar figurines on the cake on top. They are striking with bright colors and diversity. The simple figure of a tiny chicken sell for 5 USD. But the upper price limit is difficult to determine, as the imagination of the authors of the articles almost nothing is restricted (except that the thickness of the wallet of the buyer).

For registration of another mandatory attribute of the holiday table — Easter eggs — a variety of decorations. First and foremost is, of course, food coloring. A set of five colors can be purchased for 5-7 USD. Some sellers sell individual color 1-2 hryvnia per bag.

Very popular sleeve from shrink film that are made in recent years to wrap eggs. One with a capacity of seven eggs is 4-5 USD. Also offers stickers in which eggs can be decorated with gold crosses, angels and other Easter symbols. Leaf stickers is 5-7 hryvnia.

Began to sell and ready Easter. Their price depends primarily on size. Small, weighing approximately 150-160 grams are 20-25 hryvnia. Trehlitrovuyu cost of 35-40 UAH. And polukilogrammovy — 65-75 UAH.

The good news before the holiday: continue to get cheaper eggs. If a month ago a dozen costs about 16-20 hryvnia, now the price fell to 14-18 USD.

Began to change in recent years, and the cost of some vegetables. Cabbage, for example, several rose. In March it was sold at 6-8 hryvnia per kilogram, now — 7-9 USD. But beets fell during the month from 8-10 to 7-9 USD.

The cost of other traditional vegetables for the month remains stable. Potatoes sell in the markets for 8-10 hryvnia, carrot — 8-12 UAH, onions — 6-10 USD.

Greenhouse vegetables with the coming of spring continue to become cheaper. For example, the decreased cost of tomatoes. Last month kilo cost 60-120 UAH, now the tomatoes you can buy at 40-80 USD. The price of a kilogram of zucchini fell from 60-80 50-70 hryvnia, cauliflower — 80-110 70-100 UAH. Peppers, who in March was selling for 90-120 UAH, now offer 80-100 hryvnia. But the price of cucumbers sellers yet keep the same— 50-80 hryvnia per kilogram.

Rapidly depreciates traditional Ukrainian spring product — radish. A month ago, a small bundle was worth on the market 30-40 hryvnia, now for the same money you can buy a kilogram of roots.

The market early cabbage. However, the price of it yet from last year to compare — 50-60 UAH per kilogram.

Are falling rapidly and the prices of greens. So, salad in March sold for 300-400 hryvnia per kilo, the current price is 180-200 hryvnias. Kilogram of spinach fell from 200-250 120-150 UAH. The cost of onions has dropped from 50-80 40-50 hryvnias. Sprouted onions a month ago cost 25-35 hryvnia, and now it costs 15-20 UAH per kilogram.

Also cheaper to become ramsons. In March of this grass was sold for 10-15 hryvnia per bunch, now the same amount can be bought for 5-7 USD.

It’s time to cook green borscht in the markets appeared sorrel. A small packet of the herb sells for 5-7 USD. And those who don’t have nearby forests or who are too lazy to walk there, vendors, and young nettle. The pack is 3-5 USD.

Over the last month the prices on some traditional ingredients of the soup decreased. In particular, cheaper beets. If a few weeks ago, a kilogram of carrots cost 9 hryvnia, then now it can be bought for 8 USD.

Cheaper well as greenhouse tomatoes. Since March the average price fell from 60 to 50 hryvnia per kilogram.

Finally, when heat is rapidly getting cheaper greens. If a month ago a bundle was worth 10 hryvnia, then now it can be purchased for 7 hryvnia.

However, cabbage is lately expensive. In March cost 6 hryvnias per kilogram, now costs about 8 UAH.

Prices on the remaining ingredients of the traditional soup for a month has not changed. Pounds of potatoes still costs an average of 8 hryvnia, Luke — 7 UAH, and carrots — 9 hryvnia. A bottle of sunflower oil costing 33 hryvnia, kilogram of pork — 80 hryvnia.

Recall that we agreed to consider in determining the cost of soup, for preparing a three-liter pots of this dish requires:

300 grams of pork;
500 grams of potatoes;
500 grams of cabbage;
300 grams of beets;
200 grams of tomatoes;
150 grams of carrots;
150 grams of onion;
50 grams of sunflower oil;
bunch of greens.

Summing the cost of all these ingredients, we find that in April 2017 the value of the products for cooking pots of borscht is 55 UAH 45 cents. In March, the same set costs 59 UAH 75 kopecks. Thus, within a month, the dish fell to 4 hryvnia 30 cents (or 7.2 percent).

In April 2016 the ingredients for soup was worth 54 UAH 95 kopecks. Thus, for the year, they rose by 50 cents (or 0.9 percent).

The price of ingredients throughout the year was varied in different ways. For example, almost all vegetables fell. A kilo of carrots in April 2016 cost 5 hryvnia more expensive than now — 14 hryvnia. Cabbage costs 12 hryvnia per kilo, beets — at UAH 10, and onions — 12 hryvnia.

However, a kilo of pork a year ago was 5 hryvnia cheaper — UAH 75. The following were the prices on tomatoes (40 UAH per kg), sunflower oil (31 UAH for a bottle) and greens (6 hryvnia per bunch).

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