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The journalists were shown, as were memorial days in the occupied Donbas

Журналисты показали, как прошли поминальные дни на оккупированном ДонбассеResidents of the occupied territories, despite the prohibitions and the risks that attend closed churchyards.

Despite the fighting, the Donetsk memorial days, check on the graves of loved ones. In this part of the cemeteries for several years closed to the public because of the danger of unexploded ordnance and landmines, but many residents of the occupied territories is not stopping.

“We are already the fourth year are unable to visit their dead on “Novo-Ignatius” cemetery, it is near the airport – says donnin Alex. Okay, I understand, in 2014-2016 there were fighting and it was dangerous. But now relatively quiet, and I, in spite of the prohibitions of the local bureaucrats still want to go to the cemetery! I just can’t not to honor loved ones and people dear to me. After two years of fierce bombing of the cemetery… I can imagine what is happening there now! And it is my duty to bring order to the grave”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Iver, it is Novo-Ignatius is the youngest cemetery in Donetsk. And the most broken: he was not lucky to find yourself in the crosshairs of two lights, and take attacks almost all kinds of weapons.

Despite the ban, the miners come there and even recently did some cleaning on site. Officially the so-called “authorities” of Donetsk, has banned the visit to this cemetery, like the other “Satantango” which is better known as “15-e cemetery”. And, for example, in the area of Gorlovka, people cannot go directly to the six graveyards in Shirokaya Balka village, in the village mine them. Izotov, the village Golubovska as well as three of the cemetery of the village of zaitseve: “Russian”, “old Russian” and “Central”.

“Why-that nobody is engaged in the inspection and clearance of the cemeteries, although the militants say they are doing it. “15-e cemetery” declared mined almost completely, but the question is – who mined? Why not clear? It seems to me that in this cemetery there are weapon emplacements of fighters, where they’re beating on the Avdeevka and Sands. Otherwise, why in three years no work of deminers was not? Recently passed by the fence – the grass looks already waist-deep, the graves overgrown. And security roams around, obviously not just like that,” said local resident Jacob.

The cross on the grave and the serial number

Tidying graves of relatives buried in different graveyards of Donetsk, residents could not pay attention to the fact that in three years the cemetery has grown considerably due to the graves of the slain militants. Often on the cross is not even signs with the dates of birth and death – only the sequence number in the record book superintendent.

So, the volunteer Yury Biryukov said that the city Mospino, which is part of Donetsk, the cemetery had dozens of unmarked graves. “In the last 10 days of March to the cemetery counted 83 fresh unmarked mound,” – says Biryukov.

Журналисты показали, как прошли поминальные дни на оккупированном Донбассе

“I have relatives buried in the cemetery of the mine No. 6 “Capital”, – says Anastasia donchanka. – Before the war there made a new site which over the last three years has grown ten times. Hundreds of new graves. Say it often bury the militants. Even visually you can see where the fighters are, and where civilians – their graves are conventionally the road separates. A new section was relatively small, but after the outbreak of hostilities has grown 10 times. A lot of abandoned graves of fighters – neuhozheny, grass-covered, which had already dried. Also a lot of unidentified graves of fighters – each worth cross the room. According to the new plot where they bury the civilians, you can see that many simply have no money for the improvement of the graves. Very few gravestones or fences. Caring for the graves, but some expensive attributes not set”.

The same situation nearly all the outlying cemeteries cemeteries of type 6 mines-Red Star, Grabarek or Shcheglovsky. The cross and the photo on the tomb of the militant at best. And in order to save the photos printed on a color printer. After several days of rain or heat, these photos become faded and sodden spots. In most cases, the label “soldier No. …” and sagging mound, overgrown with weeds.

“These graves seldom come friends and colleagues. Never seen the relatives came. On some of the graves are plastic flowers, you sometimes see the flags of “Novorossiya” or “DNR”, which is worn out to the state floor rags. And the parents probably don’t know that their sons are buried here, so stay away. Citizens of Russia here a lot, Yes – at least, so say their colleagues when buried and when the description of the body in case the native will be looking for,” – said the caretaker of one of the cemeteries of Donetsk.

Road length per day

In memorial days, the guards would normally expect to increase the flow of cars and foot queues in both directions across the line of demarcation. Donetsk residents themselves say they intend to go to the graves of deceased relatives on the territory they control, why would they do this.

“The parents are buried in Karlovka. Before the road took half an hour by bus, across the Sands. And now only one side – day, says donchanka Elena. – Have to defend queue at checkpoints, then from Kurakhovo to get to Selidovo, from there on Karlovka. I hook a huge do in a hundred miles, and for the money is not very one way about 150-200 hryvnia. But I have friends who have relatives buried in the town. So they say that’s three years visited the graves of loved ones, because their cemetery on the front line is, and they are unlikely to let go”.

To pass over the boundary line and return one day Donetsk to prepare mentally and financially. “Now it seems to say that PPC is passed very quickly. So there is a chance this morning to go to Volnovakha and in the evening to return to Donetsk. But a familiar carrier has already hinted that such a demand for it, possibly, will raise the prices. Even called the rate of 500 hryvnia – that back and forth. Well, if you won’t be able to get to the graves, then you will have to pay five hundred, but what can you do? The main thing – to visit relatives of people no longer with us but whom we still love,” summed up Michael from Donetsk.

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