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The journalist told about the main factor in the development of Ukraine

Журналист рассказал о главном факторе в развитии УкраиныUkraine will reach European level in 20-30 years

Changes in the humanitarian sector became a major victory of Ukraine in the past year. This opinion was expressed by the journalist Vitaly Portnikov.

He noted that without changes in the cultural, informational and educational sphere will not be significant changes in the country.

“Without these changes, all other reforms are not worth the paper on which are written the laws and regulations. Don’t believe those who say that the main thing – just to live well. Well you can live anywhere, especially since neighboring countries are already ready to receive hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. And our task – to live well in Ukraine. In Ukraine with its own identity,” said Portnikov. The journalist notes that in Ukraine it is necessary to develop culture and native language.

“All economic reforms, fight against corruption, political change will have no value in the event if Ukraine will not become Ukraine. If you will not develop Ukrainian culture, if not win the Ukrainian language, if you will not develop Ukrainian cinema, if you do not get modern theater, if there is no Ukrainian-language education, if you do not speak Ukrainian in Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa and Kharkiv”, – he added.

Portnikov said that the ongoing reforms in the country will work 20-30 years, and then Ukraine will become a routine part of “greater Europe”.

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