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The Japanese released a powerful electric car

Японцы выпустили мощный электромобильMysterious Japanese electric supercar Aspark Owl surprised in Frankfurt.

Mysterious supercar “Aspark Owl” debuted at the Frankfurt motor show. The car comes from Japan built almost entirely of carbon fiber and driven by a pure electric powertrain with a capacity of about 1,000 HP

According to the company, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes less than 2 seconds, making it the fastest in the world, if this is proven.

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Frankfurt instance looks much better than appeared online last week, the carbon car. The International motor show it is painted in silver color and equipped interior cream interior.

Previously known Aspark company claims that were developed supercar in 2014 and details about the production plans promises to announce in the coming weeks.

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Японцы выпустили мощный электромобиль

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