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The international trailer of “the Mummy” is already knocking at your monitor

On the Internet at this time of night there was an international trailer of the upcoming blockbuster “the Mummy” (The Mummy). You can’t just get up and go to sleep, not posting it in the “Zone Horror”. In the video, not so many new scenes (to put it mildly), however, and it deserves attention. After all, how can resist the sight of those beautiful eyes with two pupils in each?

The special forces unit spends in the desert operation to neutralize a group of terrorists. Descending into the bunker, they find the enemy, but find an ancient sarcophagus, which decide return to base for further study. However, during the flight there is a series of strange events, which a military plane crashed. All who were on Board were killed, and only nick Morton miraculously managed to survive. Later he learns that the military has discovered an ancient tomb of the daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh — Amanet. Thousands of years later she returned to our world and is now going to take back what is rightfully hers…

“The mummy” – not just a particular reboot of the franchise (the one with adventure, humor, Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz), as part of a reboot of the entire universe of classic monsters of Universal studios. Soon what is left on the sand the footsteps of the Mummy will walk the invisible Man, the wolf Man, creature from the Black lagoon, and there, and Frankenstein’s monster will catch up (perhaps with the bride). Horrible company old school magazines in a new way. Sounds at least intriguing.

For “the Mummy” meets Alex Kurtzman, a well-known producer and scriptwriter for whom this is only his third directorial project. The script here for the authorship of John Spada (“Prometheus”) and Christopher Mcquarrie (edge of tomorrow). The role involved Tom cruise (“Interview with the vampire,” “Vanilla sky”), Annabelle Wallis (“the Curse of Annabelle”), Russell Crowe (“Gladiator”, “a beautiful mind”), Sofia Boutella (“the Explosive blonde”). World premiere scheduled for June 8, 2017.

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