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The impotence of the authorities

Бессилие властей

Oddly enough, but in the current situation, the state has virtually no means of enforcement of the quarantine. States, strictly speaking, impotent — hence the soft “quarantining”.

Well, in fact — what are his tools? In fact, only two of them: fines and arrests. Deprivation of money or imprisonment. In fact, and other way it was during the epidemic the greatest costs.

For example — arrests. Well to arrest drunks and brawlers in the big city — they are obviously not enough. And now with “chef”, because of their mass — is the problem. If you really carry out mass arrests of (and otherwise INTIMIDATE the population of a city?) — it will be inevitable overcrowding in the cells and police stations, and hence all the conditions for the spread of infection! Will — one hand fighting the virus, the other helping him. Absurd.

And about the fines. Small fines are not afraid, but if you take a large (15 thousand is already a big penalty for Russia and even for Moscow) — it will cause resentment: the government was ordered to sit at home, does not pay the money, no income and no penalties and requires! (Especially considering that often the “offending” mother with children who just can’t quiet bezvylazno sit at home).

And finally, the third consideration is more philosophical in nature, but that bosses are not easier: it is very difficult to decide to go for a direct confrontation “society-government,” the security forces against citizens. In this case, the government acts as an occupation, society opposing force. The authorities are much more comfortable (and correct) to speak as part of the society, the current “mandate from the people.” And from this position the arrests of mothers with children, retirees and young couples look unnatural.

It turns out that power in Russia rests on “consciousness” is not a good life. Simply for them the choice is almost none. Although, of course, for the Russian ear sounds crazy how the government is not omnipotent? What do you mean she can’t do anything?!

Can’t. Even in Russia.

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