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The horror movie that Michael Jackson took Mick Garris screenplay by Stephen king (VIDEO)

Did you know that a movie actually was? And he was! Super-rare video in the Zone Horror – I look and marvel at.

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But first a few words about the history of the creation of this short film. For anybody not a secret that the king of pop Michael Jackson is not that loved horror films, but very successfully collaborated with horror film Director John Landis, who, with the help of the master stopeffect Rick Baker, shot for Michael long music video for the song “Thriller”. The video to this day is not only considered one of the greatest music videos of all time, but also one of the best short horror.

After the release of “Thriller” in 1993, Jackson hired film Director Mick Garris (the guy who made “critters 2” and “Lunatics”) and writer Stephen king (who at the time was already internationally known and actively collaborated with the Garris), so they created an ambitious long video called “Is It Scary?“.

The short film was supposed to appear before the premiere of the Comedy horror “the Addams family Values” (Addams Family Values), the soundtrack to which could enter the song of Michael. However, filmmakers and Jackson disputes arose under the contract, resulting in a song in the soundtrack of the film has not got, and the works of king and Garris were not completed.

For many years this film was considered lost until not so long ago suddenly surfaced on YouTube. The installation was clearly not completed, the video is missing whole chunks, but it still looks cheerful and fun. And, if anything, in this video captured “the spirit of Stephen king’s” inherent humor writer.

Impressive and the scene in which Jackson is making faces. She hell looks creepy and funny.

Years later this work was still decorated as a conventional clip, and in the form of a half-hour of the movie “Ghost”, true shot it’s not the Garris and the other person is a known master of special effects Stan Winston.

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